Now is the Time to Get Ready for Halloween Email Promotions

Now is the Time to Get Ready for Halloween Email Promotions

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Halloween Email Promotions

Ooooooooh! It's that time of year again.

Halloween officially marks the beginning of the holiday season. Even though Halloween items started popping up on shelves in August.

Halloween is a fantastic holiday, chock full of amazement, fright and ample opportunities for email promotions.

So, dust off your witch's hat, stock up on chocolate bars and get your Halloween email promotion organized.

1. Pick a Halloween theme

Are you going for a spooky or creepy vibe? Or are you going to be more playful and fun?

Depending on your company and the type of Halloween-related products you offer, this could go either way. But, the important thing is that you pick a theme and stick with it throughout your promotions.

Also, take in consideration what you're planning for the rest of your marketing channels. Will your email campaign be the only one doing a Halloween theme or will all of your channels be doing the same? Whatever it is, be consistent!

2. Create an overall promotional plan

Planning your email marketing strategy ahead of time saves time, energy and sanity. Especially with the upcoming, crazy-busy holiday quarter, it's best to be on top of things instead of scrambling at the last minute.

This plan should take you up through Halloween, including the several promotions that you may send the days before.

Know what products and services you're going to push. Know what discounts you're able to offer.

3. Map out your after-holiday promotions

Consider this your back-up plan. If you're pushing Halloween themed items and you don't sell them all during your email promotion, then you'll either have to put them in storage for next year or cut them low and let them go.

Whichever you decide, ensure that you have something set to go November 1.

4. Generate buzz for your email promotions through your social media

Cross-promotion is the name of the game for Halloween.

Think about it: there'll be oodles of people searching for everything associated with Halloween in the coming weeks. From what the best Halloween costumes are for children to how to decorate your house so it looks like a creepy haunted house, the Internet will be flooded with Halloween searches.

So, take to your Facebook and Twitter pages and promote your email marketing discounts. Generate some buzz for your Halloween promotions.

5. Design a special opt-in form on your website for your Halloween emails

Since everything is controlled by SEO today, a great way to not only pull in web traffic to your site but also gain some new email subscribers is to design a special Halloween edition opt-in widget.

This new widget isn't replacing your standard one.

Use this opportunity to highlight the special and unique benefits your Halloween promotions will offer new subscribers.

So, does that help get you prepared for a winning Halloween promotion? Let us know what you are going to do in the comments.

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