Why You Should Automate Your Hospital Code Grey Response

Why You Should Automate Your Hospital Code Grey Response

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Hospital Code Grey Response

Hospital codes are an important way for hospital staff to categorize various incidents that may occur at a hospital at any given time. A code grey, for example, means that there has been a loss of a core service, which may negatively impact the level of care that can be provided to patients. Whenever a coded event occurs, all hospital stakeholders need to be notified of the situation so they can execute their protocols and tend to patients effectively.

Typically, this notification can be made over a hospital loudspeaker or made by having hospital administration staff manually contact each stakeholder one by one. This can prove to be inefficient for a number of reasons, least of which being the potential for alarming patients and visitors needlessly.

So, as a hospital, how can you ensure you have the right plans and tools in place to manage a code grey response without having to rely on manual and more time-consuming methods?

It’s time to implement an automated code grey response solution!

Check out this blog where we outline the five steps involved in the implementation of an automated hospital code grey response solution. We have also compiled a list of benefits that we hope will convince you that adopting an automated solution is the right way to go!

Let’s look at the benefits below.

1. Save Time and Boost Efficiency

An automated hospital code grey response solution will allow your hospital save the time it takes to manually reach out to all staff members and stakeholders upon a loss of a core service, such as electricity or water, by providing the capability to click a button to send a mass notification to all contacts in your contact management tool. This will save the hospital a lot of time and resources that can be better put toward resolving the code grey.

2. Multi-channel Communication

An important part of an automated hospital code grey response solution is the ability to set up and send code grey alert messages via multiple communication channels. For example, hospital administrators can send messages to staff via SMS, email, and voice messages. This is beneficial because some staff may have preferences when it comes to how they wish to be communicated with. The preferred-channel option allows emergency managers to send messages automatically using the method that is most likely to get their attention.

3. Safe Data Storage

Data security is vital, especially in a hospital setting. Your staff and stakeholders need to be sure that any information they provide to hospital administration will be secure, especially any potential medical information that may be stored. With a digital code grey response solution, all contact data is kept in a centralized and secure online database and notification transmission is encrypted, meaning you can be sure that all information will be stored safely.

4. Real-time Tracking

When a code grey emergency happens, you notify everyone and then what happens? To make sure that everyone who needs to be is notified, you should be able to track whether they received your message or not. Using an automated code grey response solution, you can not only alert all contacts at once, but you can also verify who is getting your messages and who has yet to receive them. You can analyze metrics such as the message delivery rate, opening rate etc. These insights will help inform your further actions.

Do you need an automated hospital code grey response solution?

Hopefully these benefits have convinced you of the merits of managing your hospital’s code grey response digitally with an automated solution. Here at SimplyCast, we have developed a fully automated code grey response solution that can be customized to your hospital’s specific requirements. With its built-in contact database and mass notification tools SimplyCast can provide you with all the functionality you need to automate your code grey policy and procedure.

Want to see more? Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of our automated solution from one of our helpful team members! 

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