Why You Should Consider Using Phone Broadcasting

Why You Should Consider Using Phone Broadcasting

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Why You Should Consider Using Phone Broadcasting

Phone broadcasting (or voice broadcasting) on a principal level is no different than other forms of content or informational marketing. Organizations can utilize voice marketing to keep customers and contacts informed on new business information or business promotions.

Voice broadcasting, specifically, acts as a more personal form of informative mass marketing. With SimplyCast’s voice broadcasting software your phone broadcast can become even more personalized with audio file uploading so contacts can hear your real voice. As customers engage with your voice campaign, they can be directed to call a real representative who can nurture the lead further by providing them with more specialized information and answering any questions. Also, as customers continue to engage with your business via voice technology, new marketing opportunities will arise, enabling lines of communication that are more personal and fit into patterns of modern consumer users.  

The use of phone broadcasting and automated voice technology is continuing to rise year over year, meaning time is of the essence to get start thinking about how you can integrate phone broadcasting into your marketing strategy and better nurture your customer relationships. In addition, you should be thinking about how to implement other types of voice technology into your strategies, such as video, teleconferencing, etc.

Why you should consider a voice marketing strategy

The personal touch that phone broadcasting brings to your mass marketing and communication is the main benefit to the use of the software. Automated voices generated from text-to-speech or pre-recorded voice messages are beginning to move from only being delivered via phones to the increasingly popular podcast medium, smart home devices, and smart AI assistants (Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant, etc.)

Essentially, the shift from voice marketing only occurring over the telephone is changing; adapting into these new technologies that are emerging in the market. If your business is already able to effectively manage a phone broadcasting strategy that nurtures contact engagement through automated phone calls, it should help you to more easily adopt these emerging new trends for automated voice technology, as you would have more knowledge and experience than businesses who have yet to jump onboard with voice broadcast marketing.

A voice marketing challenge to be aware of

An unavoidable part of any digital voice media experience, whether phone broadcasting or any of the newer voice technologies, is the concern for data privacy. Users have expressed worries about the potential for data theft, hacking, and even government access to consumers’ devices. This concern has impacted demand for voice broadcasting marketing and the potential future growth of voice marketing away from just phone broadcasting.

To help combat these worries, SimplyCast can ensure its customers that it is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company, which means that strong measures have been put in place to ensure that the customer data that it has access to is kept secure and that only those who require access has it.

How to get started with voice marketing

To conclude, phone broadcasting is by no means an archaic or outmoded means of communication for businesses and it can be used both successfully and safely with the proper voice automation software. Advances in voice broadcasting technology are creating new methods for disseminating voice broadcast messages to consumers than ever before.

SimplyCast’s Voice Broadcasting software provides businesses with a great steppingstone toward leveraging these new and emerging technologies. Users can use the software to easily set up and launch their phone broadcasting campaigns. Voice campaigns can also be easily modified through the platform if businesses ever need to change the information these broadcasts contain in order to promote a new event, modify who the messages are sent to, or otherwise optimize the broadcast so they are as effective as possible.

To see how your business can start leveraging voice broadcasting software for your marketing campaigns, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the solution today!

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