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Food banks need to ensure that they make it easy for volunteers to sign up. Individually identifying volunteers and reaching out manually can take up time and resources that they don't have to spare. Finding a more effective way of doing this will benefit everyone involved. Digitizing this system creates an opportunity for volunteers to sign-up using a streamlined strategy that's much more efficient. 

A better volunteer registration solution that is part of a larger volunteer management system is the perfect way to manage volunteers. It's crucial that food distribution organizations make it easy for volunteers to join their volunteer opportunities.


SimplyDigital offers the Food Bank Volunteer Registration use case. This automated solution exists to help organizations gain new volunteers in an easy and efficient manner. This volunteer registration software helps food banks to acquire volunteers by improving the entire registration process.  

Acquiring volunteers is much easier when using volunteer management solutions. Using one that automatically builds a volunteer database at the same time is the perfect way to boost your volunteer program. Plus, we can always customize the solution to fit your food bank's needs exactly.

Steps to Success

  1. Collect volunteer applications through a brief online volunteer registration form. This will collect the core information you need about each volunteer. It is also possible to embed the form on your website or a landing page.
  2. As soon as an applicant registers, the system sends a personalized thank you message or confirmation message in response.
  3. All applications send records to a centralized database, creating volunteer profiles so staff can easily locate and review the volunteers.
  4. Eligible volunteers then receive a follow-up message that contains all the information they need.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Keep your food bank’s volunteer system running smoothly using a variety of effective digital tools.
Use case benefit
Utilize digital tools to easily direct applicants through the volunteer application process.
Use case benefit
Provide an optimal volunteer registration experience.
Use case benefit
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