How do I send a voice message to multiple phone numbers?

How do I send a voice message to multiple phone numbers?

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In order to begin the creation of your voice campaign in SimplyCast’s Voice Broadcasting software to send to multiple phone numbers, you first need to decide if you want to upload a recorded message from your device or use our text-to-speech broadcast option. If choosing to upload a file from your device, make certain that it is in MP3 or WAV format so it will correctly upload in the system.

If you are unable to create a voice message file, the text-to-speech option allows you to type the message you wish to include within the system which will be converted to an automated voice when the call is sent out.

Once you have added the message you want to use in your voice campaign, the system will provide you with settings to configure for sending the voice message to multiple phone numbers:

  • The first setting to configure will ask you to choose an unsubscribe option and how you would like to format it. Providing the ability for recipients to unsubscribe it necessary based on CASL regulations.
  • Next, the user can select the contact lists that the voice message will be sent to. These lists will include multiple phone numbers that will receive the voice message.
  • Scheduling capabilities are made available to the user if they wish to delay the sending of their voice message in order to line it up with other aspects of their business. A dropdown calendar is displayed where the user can select the date and time when they would like to send the voice message to multiple phone numbers. More information is available about scheduling your voice campaign within your industry or use case.
  • Lastly, users can review all aspects of their voice broadcasting system including over cost of the campaign and view any potential errors that may have occurred during creation. Once all aspects of the campaign are accompanied by a green check mark, your campaign is ready to be completed!

If you are still experiencing issues with creation or launch of your voice message across multiple contact numbers, contact our support team who will be happy to help! And don’t forget to request a demo of our voice broadcasting system by clicking the button below, where you will be walked through some of the aspects of the solution in more precise detail.

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