SMS Broadcasting Tutorial: Creating a SMS Project

SMS Broadcasting Tutorial: Creating a SMS Project

February 17, 2014

This video tutorial will teach you how to create and send projects in the SMS channel. You will learn how to create and edit SMS broadcasting campaigns that can be used to send messages to your lists of contacts quickly and efficiently. In SimplyCast's SMS channel you will also have access to detailed reporting, showing you how many messages were sent out and whether any of them failed to send.

Why use SMS broadcasting?

SMS broadcasting is an extremely useful contact method as it allows you to reach many people very quickly. Did you know that most SMS text messages are opened within about three minutes of your contacts receiving the message? This open rate is as lot faster and more guaranteed than email, meaning that chances are, your contacts will see a text message almost immediately after you send it. By including SMS in your communication process, you can be sure that your message is received in a timely manner - which is helpful in cases of sending a coupon for a limited time offer, a notice of a flash sale, or even an emergency alert to your contacts.By the end of this tutorial video, you will be capable of building comprehensive, targeted SMS broadcasting campaigns that put the right message in the right hands at the right time. You will see how automation makes your life easier without you having to devote a lot of time to managing these campaigns. Just set them up beforehand, and let the SimplyCast software take care of the rest!

Want to know more?

For more information, check out our blog, FAQs, or contact support via email at you have any questions on how to use SimplyCast's SMS broadcasting software, or about any other of our various communication automation tools, please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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