2 Ways to Use Autoresponders to Convert Sales: Email Marketing

2 Ways to Use Autoresponders to Convert Sales: Email Marketing

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Autoresponders come in all shapes and sizes, but today we're going to focus on the almighty email autoresponder, and how you can use it to generate sales.

Before we begin, let's go over exactly what an email autoresponder is. Above all, it is a direct communication between you and your customer automatically sent because of some action they took. As a business, you're following up with a potential sales lead, confirming a recent purchase or reaffirming an email subscription sign up (among others).

Here are two ways to use autoresponders to convert sales.

Ask First

One of the best, most lucrative ways to convert potential sales to actual sales is to capture visitors' email addresses each time they visit your website (on any page). This usually takes shape as an automatic pop-up window, prompting the visitor to enter in their email addresses for chances to win fantastic items, be the first to know about deals or receive information only available to email marketing recipients.

Automatically, this simple act – giving you permission to contact them – allows you into their world. Immediately, a "welcome" email autoresponder is sent that typically goes over what in the world they signed up for. To make sure that all bases are covered, instruct them to confirm their subscription choice.


Honestly, one of the most overlooked uses of the almighty email autoresponder is to trigger action from wayward customers. Essentially, they can be used to remind customers that haven't done – well – anything with your emails in a while.

Say, if a customer hasn't been heard from in six months or so, an automatic email can be triggered. Usually, this sort of autoresponder includes an incredible "We Miss You!" deal that they can possibly pass up.

Have you had success with either of these methods? How are you using the power of autoresponders to convert sales? We would love to hear from you.

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