5 Reasons to Use an Automated Contact Engagement Solution

5 Reasons to Use an Automated Contact Engagement Solution

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5 Reasons to Implement an Automated Contact Engagement Solution

Contact engagement is an essential activity for any business. Be it a small-sized firm or an enterprise-level B2B company, everyone needs to capture, nurture, and convert leads to drive business growth.

Typically, businesses capture leads via online forms when visitors explore their website/landing pages. Then, those leads are stored in a centralized database, such as a CRM.

After that, salespeople engage and nurture the leads using different channels (e.g.- email, SMS, fax or a voice broadcasting tool) until they are either lost or converted into sales.

As you can understand, engaging leads or contacts is essential because without engaging them, there’s no way to start a long-term nurturing process. You may be shocked to learn that almost 80% of new leads do not convert into sales. One of the primary reasons for such a gigantic lead drop-off rate is not being able to engage leads in a timely manner. On the other hand, this blog states that companies with a systematic lead engagement and nurturing process generate almost 50% more sales-ready leads at a whopping 33% lower cost.

Fascinating stats, aren’t they? Well, there are many reasons why companies should adopt a systematic contact engagement process. Here, we have outlined our top 5 business factors that are highly influenced by an efficient contact engagement process/customer engagement framework.

Keeping Prospects Informed

When prospects sign up on your website, they expect you to reach out to them with more information. It is natural that a landing page/website will not have all the information about a specific product/service. Without enough information in hand, a potential customer will never make a decision. To mitigate this issue, lead engagement is absolutely necessary.

Creating Brand Awareness

When you get a notification about capturing a lead, it is normal for you to become excited. However, you must understand that the person who submitted the form may have also requested more information from other companies, not just yours. Therefore, here comes the brand awareness part! When competitors are fighting to win the mind/heart of the prospect: the most influential salesperson wins! This is why you must engage the lead with content that portrays your brand’s core message, plus all the benefits the lead will experience if they decide to go with your company. And you have to do this fast because you know those other companies will not be sitting idly by.

Boosting Purchasing Intent

Except for a portion of paid leads, nobody signs up with an intention to buy instantly. Although signing up for a product/service means that the person is interested enough to take time and fill out all these details, they might need an extra push from the sales team. Personalized lead engagement works as an additional force to move leads further along the sales cycle.

For instance, say you sign up to learn more about a smartphone. In the span of a couple of weeks, you may get a series of super-personalized email that tell you about the available smartphones plus any additional benefits you will get. upon signing up, you may have already been intending to purchase that phone, but now you can be more confident in your purchase after reading those emails with meaningful content (unless you see a really bad review of course).

See the tactic? It works every time. All you need is send personalized, engaging content to leads.

Score Leads

Everyone knows the benefit of having a systematic approach for engaging and nurturing leads. It is only natural for different group of leads to have different types of purchasing intent. Therefore, marketers and salespeople must be very careful about the content they engage leads with.

Let’s bring the smartphone example again. You were a lead who wanted to learn more about the phone, so you were engaged with the intention to boost your purchasing intent. But there could be other leads who might have made up their minds to buy the phone already, right? Would the same content work like magic for them? No! Therefore, scoring leads is important. And the best way to measure lead score accurately is engaging them. When you engage them efficiently, you will easily understand a lead’s position in the sales cycle.

Open Possibilities for Upscaling

Many times leads sign up for a specific product or service without knowing that they are also looking for other solutions too. It is a salesperson’s job to keep them aware and boost the possibilities for upscaling. And this is only possible, again, if you engage them.

Automobile salespeople do a tremendous job in this case. When engaging with their leads, these salespeople clearly understand the underlying need from the customer’s end and the opportunities to upsell. In most cases, customers will be happy to learn about all these add-ons, especially if they have anything to do with advanced safety features and the like. Highly personalized engagement can go a long way when motivating customers to buy, and by showing them that you understand all their needs, incentivizes them even more.

In summary, engaging leads will always open up new potential sources for more revenue.


Companies often struggle to engage leads despite understanding the importance of doing so, especially when there’s a sudden influx of leads and resources are limited. When it’s hard to engage leads in a timely manner, even the hottest leads are likely to get colder.

This is why companies should have an automated contact engagement solution. Using an automated solution, businesses can easily engage thousands of leads at the same time without spending more time and expending resources. For example, you can create one email template with multiple different content sections and send personalized emails to all your leads in a way so that leads will only be able to view the email sections that are relevant to them.

You might be thinking that this process will take up a lot of your time. Well, fear not! You don’t have to do anything apart from creating the first email template and setting up the conditions. The automated contact engagement platform will do the rest by itself. No human intervention required!

That’s just only one example of what you can accomplish when you automate the contact engagement process. Using an automated contact engagement solution, you can personally engage leads in nearly unlimited ways.

Where can you find this solution?

You don’t have to look far. SimplyCast offers an exclusive contact engagement use case solution. Using our platform, you can capture leads via online, store them in our CRM, and use our 360-automation platform to engage leads personally via email, SMS, voice, and/or fax channels.

The contact engagement solution is 100 percent ready to deploy and is customizable so it can meet your business requirements. We offer comprehensive training and personalized onboarding processes. Plus, our solution does not require any coding skills to use! The super-friendly and clean UI can get you started right from the moment you sign up with us.

Want to learn more about our contact engagement solution?

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