Are Your Emails Blocklisted?

Are Your Emails Blocklisted?

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We all know email is probably today's most popular way to advertise. Every day our inboxes are filled with messages from people who want our business - whether we asked for the contact or not. Email is today's biggest communication factor; but why shouldn't it be? It's all but free to use, and it's almost instantaneous.

But there is one problem with advertising via email that you may not think of very often: blocklisting. All it takes is one complaint, and your ISP or domain name can be put on someone's blocklist. If you're on the blocklist, your emails are not getting through - and neither is your advertising message.

So how big of a problem is this?

AOL, one of the world's biggest Internet service providers, blocks a whopping 80% of messages to its subscribers due to blocklisting. Your email could be the most legitimate message ever sent, but if one person forgets they signed up or decides to complain, you could be blocklisted. And for your business, the resulting slump in sales can be devastating.

What is a blocklist exactly?

A blocklist is a database of known Internet addresses (or IPs) used by individuals or companies sending spam. Various ISPs and bandwidth providers subscribe to these blocklist databases to filter out spam sent across their network or to their subscribers. Companies like AOL, MSN, and Yahoo all have very strict policies on spam, so many well-intended, legitimate emails never get through.

So how can you be sure you haven't been blocklisted?

Unfortunately, you really can't be 100% sure. You may be on someone's blocklist and not even know it, and can be added to and removed from blocklists at the drop of a hat. The only way to prevent being blocklisted unfairly is to use today's technology to keep track of it all. There is cutting-edge software technology available that checks all the major blocklists like Spamcop, MAPS, and SPAMHaus, to ensure your domain or ISP hasn't been added.

Taking a few moments to understand and solve your potential blocklisting problem can mean a world of difference in your bottom line.

blocklist Monitor is an online service that monitors your IP addresses against the most popular blocklists. Know when you are blocklisted, where you are blocklisted, and what to do to start the blocklist removal process. blocklist Monitor Reports will keep you informed of the status of your IP addresses. Email notification will be sent immediately upon blocklisting or delisting of a DNS blocklist.

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