Autoresponder Examples You Can Start Using Today

Autoresponder Examples You Can Start Using Today

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Autoresponder Examples You Can Start Using Today

Interested in a few autoresponder examples your business can start using today?

Autoresponders are an excellent tool, as they allow you to put online marketing on autopilot so you can help save you time and money. Once you set up an autoresponder, most of the process is done for you. That is why autoresponders can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business. Especially when combined with other powerful online marketing features such as email marketing or survey marketing.

Interested in getting started? Great - we even have two autoresponder examples for you!

Here are two autoresponder examples you can use for your business:

1. Product-based Autoresponder examples

Make a list of all the products or services you currently sell on your company website. Are there any items on the list that have a high learning curve? This could be anything from a new lawn mower to a premium banking service. Do you think the purchaser could use more information that will help them enjoy what they bought? Of course. When someone buys one of your products or services, offer them a free tips and tricks sequence of email campaigns. The key is to time the messages so that immediately after purchase, the happy customer will receive a few easy getting started tips in their inbox to get going. It also shows that you appreciate their business by giving something away for free.

Once someone opts in, the tips can get more advanced as time goes on. This way you can slowly turn them into experts and turn them into potential repeat customers.

If we stick to our lawnmower example, you can also offer deals on replacement parts or accessories via email since the machine they just bought may need some maintenance several months from purchase.

2. Sharing expertise Autoresponder examples

If you are a small business owner, you are already an expert at something. Otherwise, you would be working for someone else and daydreaming of being your own boss one day. So turn your in-demand expertise into an ongoing lesson where you share your knowledge with prospective customers. This could be in the form of a whitepaper which is distributed in a PDF that people can download.

You can place this PDF on your website and drive traffic to a landing page for it. Add an email signup form on that page so visitors can get more free tips from you by subscribing to your autoresponder list. Then you can schedule a series of autoresponder emails that are extremely helpful and help enforce your call to actions for your business.

Basically, you share a little bit of your expertise to help drive traffic to your products and services. Once people subscribe to receive more tips, they are more likely to be trusting and receptive to what your business offers.

SimplyCast's Autoresponder channel is the perfect tool to create the autoresponder examples listed above. You don't need to understand HTML, there are thousands of free templates to choose from and our contact manager does all the hard work for you.

Get started with our Autoresponder examples

Sign up for a free 15-day trial today and put our autoresponder examples into action for your company today!

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