Autoresponder Inspiration: What to Write and What Not to

Autoresponder Inspiration: What to Write and What Not to

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Autoresponders are a marvelous gizmo that every savvy marketer has in their toolkit. Simple and easy to manage, while being immeasurably effective; autoresponders will not only save you valuable time but also keep your sanity intact.

Since there are autoresponders for virtually every online function – email, survey, and social media – we're going to focus on email. However, the tips and tricks from email autoresponders, since they're the most prolific, will carry over to your other autoresponders.

Here we'll offer some inspiration and suggestions to help you write effective autoresponders for whatever your needs are.

Autoresponder Messages

New Subscribers

Informal Tone


Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Here at SimplyCast, we're thrilled to count you as one of our friends. If, at any time, you have any questions regarding our subscription, please let us know.

We are here for you!

Your Friends,

The SimplyCast Family

Formal Tone

Ms. Griffin:

Thank you for your subscription to our e-newsletter. We pride ourselves on quality and service, and we hope that with this newsletter we will meet your needs.


CEO, SimplyCast

Sequential Autoresponder Messages

What are sequential autoresponders? After the initial sign up by your new subscriber, your "thank you" autoresponder reaffirms their commitment to you and reassures them that you're appreciative of their opt-in.

A sequential responder is known by different names, but the meaning is ultimately the same. After you've sent the initial autoresponder, a best practice is to offer a series of follow-up autoresponders tailored to your subscribers' needs.

Set up an automated series. Say, after a week, send an autoresponder that includes subscriber-only promotions, and continue to do so separately from your regular marketing emails. These may include free webinars, white papers, contests or additional promotions.

Based on the tone of your initial autoresponder whether it is informal or professional, will dictate how the rest of your autoresponders are written.

Anniversary Autoresponder Messages

Ah, yes! The most overlooked and forgotten autoresponder! As soon as your new subscriber opts-in, your autoresponder software will log in their signup date.

Set up a yearly anniversary promotion that rewards exponentially as the years' pass. Meaning, for every year, increase the bonus for your loyal subscribers.

In some cases, send a complimentary invitation to a webinar or conference (if it is applicable, of course).

Got an autoresponder strategy you would like to share? Leave a comment below or share it on our Facebook fan page.

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