SimplyCast Blog: Beginner’s Guide To Marketing On LinkedIn

Beginner’s Guide To Marketing On LinkedIn

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To Marketing On LinkedIn

As someone in marketing, odds are good that you have a LinkedIn account. But are you using LinkedIn to promote yourself and your business?

LinkedIn is more than looking for jobs and connecting with people that you once had coffee with that time in that place.

It is actually the top social network for professionals and a gold mine for marketers to use for lead generation. Yes, this can be good or this can be bad. Depends on how it is used.

With over 150 million members worldwide and 280 million visitors per month, it is a place that deserves your immediate attention.

LinkedIn offers several ways to build your personal brand and business reputation throughout their network as well as gain valuable traffic back to your website or landing pages.

Check out our beginner's guide to marketing on LinkedIn, which will show you the important areas you need to be taking advantage of on LinkedIn for branding and traffic including your personal profile, groups, company pages, and more.

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LinkedIn is different from Twitter or Facebook as it has a business focus and business-oriented atmosphere. It is not the place for being unprofessional.

Download our guide for free and learn all the beginner tips to using LinkedIn to not only market yourself, but your business as well. There is also a handy glossary included at the end for those who are totally new to the LinkedIn scene.

Want to learn more about marketing and communication? SimplyCast offers a wide range of whitepapers covering topics such as email marketing, Twitter marketing and how to create landing pages. They are all posted on our whitepaper page.

We also invite you to follow SimplyCast on LinkedIn. Let's connect.

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