SimplyCast Blog: The Best Marketing Automation Posts of 2012

The Best Marketing Automation Posts of 2012

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Best Marketing Automation Posts

As 2012 comes to an end, business is slowing down, auto-replies are heating up and online marketers are gearing up for a busy 2013.

Before we start all over again in January, the SimplyCast team went over the blog from this year and picked out some important posts that are worth another look.

They include best practices, tips and important information regarding marketing automation, email marketing, deliverability and legal points everyone should know.

We wish you a happy holiday and our team can't wait for 2013 to start so we can continue helping you grow your business and make you the best marketing machine possible.

The Best Marketing Automation Posts of 2012

4 Ways to Ensure Your Fax Doesn't End Up Recycled - Fax marketing is the ace up your marketing sleeve. Any great marketing strategy is comprehensive and includes multiple marketing channels. But that does not mean there are not best practices to follow for optimal deliverability and engagement. Here are 4 ways to ensure your fax does not end up recycled. Read full post.

Wait…Email Marketing is Like an 80s Pop Song? Stellar! - Dude, the 1980s were totally wicked. We cried with John Hughes. We danced with Michael Jackson. And everything we did was stellar. Breakout the legwarmers, shoulder pads, slap bracelets, shredded t-shirts, neon and dive right into why your email marketing campaign needs to think a little more like an 80s pop song. We're taking advice from the best of the 80s: "Purple Rain" and "Sledgehammer" are tubular and "99 Red Balloons" are so, like, yesterday. Your email marketing campaign will be awesome. Word. Read full post.

3 Critical Marketing Metrics You're Not Looking At: Facebook - Move over Facebook "Fans" and "Likes," there's more to tracking marketing success on Facebook than the number of fans your company's page has. Marketing success is more than just about popularity and the number of friends. Marketing success on Facebook is the amount of customer interaction, postings, comments, discussion threads, spreading your brand and promotions. Otherwise, it's just vanity. Read full post.

What is A/B Split Testing and Why Use it? - To truly understand exactly what A/B split testing is, we have to travel back in time to high school science class. In any true experiment, you always need a control group and a test group to be able to track what's happening. The control group stays the same but is put through the same tests as the test group. The test group contains the variables. Read full post.

How to Build an Email Newsletter From Scratch - When you're just starting out with online marketing, the idea of putting together an email newsletter seems entirely daunting. Questions like "Where do I begin?" and "What exactly do I need to include in an email newsletter?" pop up with no real answers. To make your life easier, we've put together the must-haves of an email newsletter when you're building it from scratch (and, it isn't a bad template to work from down the road either). Read full post.

Voice Broadcasting – Know The Rules Before You Speak - When using SimplyCast, it is up to you, the sender, to ensure that all Federal and State/Provincial laws are followed. Most aspects of voice broadcasts are heavily regulated, including the times of day you can call, the content of the call, and limitations on where you can call. With SimplyCast's service being considered an automatic dialing system, these would be the rules you would be most interested in reading before using our service. Read full post.

How To Use SMS Marketing For Your Business - Sure you know about SMS messaging since you probably trade text messages with your friends, but how do you use it for your business and see an actual ROI? Here's a quick look at some of the different ways that companies are using SMS Marketing. Read full post.

Why It Matters Where Your Organization's Data is Stored - Quick, if we asked you on the spot where the data for your company is stored, would you know? Is it in the building, down the street or in another country? Where it is stored is very important for your business and the first step is knowing where it is. For many North American companies who are online or living in the cloud, the big data is stored in the United States. Read full post.

Have a happy holiday everyone!

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