Best Online Form Generator Is Free

Best Online Form Generator Is Free

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At SimplyCast we are always doing our best to provide online marketers with the best solution to grow their business. That is why we continue to add to our multi-channel marketing product and make it the only service you need to do all aspects of your online marketing within one application.

One of the most popular services we offer is the best online form generator on the market today. Our online form builder is simple to use and totally free for anyone with a SimplyCast user account.

Normally we would list all of the cool product features and why you should be using it to grow your business. But to make it a little more fun, we decided to point the questions right at our Form Builder Service and get him to tell us more about who he is.

Think of this example as one of those speed dating services where you want to learn everything you need to know in a short amount of time. (For the sake of this blog post, we will call the service Fred)

Interviewer: Good afternoon Fred, how are you doing today?

Fred: I am doing great. There is never a reason to be grumpy when I get to help customers from around the world gather important user data in order to build engaged and compliant lists.

Interviewer: So Fred, you say how you help users gather information. Can you elaborate more on this?

Fred: Sure. So basically I am an online tool that allows a user to quickly create an online form by dragging and dropping the fields they need and customizing it to what they want to collect. Most people are looking to collect names, phone numbers and email addresses but there is no limit on what user data you can ask for. You can dress me up by choosing from over 1,000 templates and endless color themes. You can add as many fields as you need and add a submit button.

Interviewer: Okay, so that sounds great. When you say drag and drop, is it really that easy?

Fred: Yep, you create a new web form and from the menu, you simply click on the features you want and then arrange them by dragging to the desired spot. You can add fields to collect whatever information you want and even include a date picker if your question is time sensitive. Our default template gives you everything you need to start including a field for email, name, date of birth and any unique message someone wants to enter. This, of course, can all be edited to match what you require. Everything is clickable to further edit for those with a little more coding knowledge as well.

Interviewer: So I have created my new web form and it looks just how I want it? Now, what happens?

Fred: Great question. First, you should save it with a simple name to categorize it. Then you can preview the form before hitting publish. Don't worry, publish won't put it anywhere just yet. That just means you will be given options to place it where you need to. You will be given a special URL that you can place in email campaigns. You will also be given HTML and JavaScript code so you can place it on your website or landing page.

Interviewer: So I don't need to know how to program or create HTML?

Fred: Nope, I do that for you. All you need to know is how to cut and paste. You might need a hand putting it in the correct place on your website but that should not be hard.

Interviewer: Okay, so the form is made and placed on my website. Where does the user information go when someone fills in my form and hits submit?

Fred: Your important user data is sent over to my friend, SimplyCast's list manager. There it is stored in a list that is maintained by our software and takes away any hassle of managing bounced addresses or if someone unsubscribes one day. You have full access to this list for any editing or additions you made need.

Interviewer: Well Fred, that is a great explanation of who you are and what you do for SimplyCast customers. To wrap up this interview, tell all the folks out there reading about you for the first time, why they should signup and take advantage of your service.

Fred: Well all I can say is I offer a simple solution to gather user data and I am totally free to use. You don't need to sign a contract, join a monthly plan or even think about taking the credit card out of the wallet. I am the real deal when it comes to online web form creation and I am only going to get better with future releases of the service.

Want to learn more about the best online form generator? Check out the Form Builder features and signup to create your first web form. Then you can browse around the other services SimplyCast offers. Who knows, we may interview one of them in the near future.

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