Change Can be a Good Thing as an Email Marketer

Change Can be a Good Thing as an Email Marketer

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"When you are through changing, you are through." ~ Bruce Barton

Got your attention? The single biggest mistake anyone running an email program can make is to accept that everything is fine. Change is all around us and email is no exception.

Email marketing at its core is simple in nature but requires a fair amount of resources and talent to do it right. Good email marketing is somewhat easy to do, but great email marketing requires the full commitment of a company's executive team.

Your job as an email marketer is to protect the company's most valuable natural resource, which is the subscriber base. I am an optimist in life, but a realist in the way I approach running an email program. Identify the things you want to change, gather the data and make the case for change in your organization.

If at first you don't succeed, beat the drum slowly if you believe you are right. Don't make changes based on hunches or what you read off blogs and white papers. Most of all, don't make changes to your program just because the executive team feels the need to exercise their influence because their other C-Level friends are "doing it in their program."

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