Channel Select VS White Label Reseller: Difference

Channel Select VS White Label Reseller: Difference

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Channel Select vs. White Label Reseller

The word is out: SimplyCast now offers a new reseller program dubbed Channel Select White Label Reseller, placing it alongside SimplyCast's Marketing Automation White Label Reseller program. But wait – both are white label reseller program, how can they be -that- different?

We're glad you asked.

What is Channel Select White Label Reseller?

Channel Select White Label Reseller, often referred to as Channel Select, is a program aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses easily enter the reseller industry. Through Channel Select, anyone can choose from over 20+ SimplyCast channels to resell under their own branding while only paying a monthly fee of $99 USD per channel. This offers unlimited flexibility as you can create your own bundles to provide clients with the solutions they need.

Have a client who wants to automate their emails and forms, but not interested in using Facebook automation or SMS campaigns at the moment? You can choose to only resell and 360 marketing automation, email marketing, and form builder.

It's that simple.

How does it compare to White Label Reseller?

When it comes to Channel Select vs. our Marketing Automation White Label Reseller partnership, think of a dessert sampler plate (you choose the flavors). When you sign up as a White Label Reseller, you get all of the applications like 360 marketing automation, email marketing, landing page generation, sonar link tracking, and more all under your own branding. Essentially, you get the whole dessert tray.

If you are a Channel Select reseller, you get to pick the desserts you want from the sample tray. Instead of having all the channels, you get to choose the specific ones you would like to resell who you can better target and tailor your offerings to what your clients need most. At any point in time, you can choose to offer new channels and expand your current offerings. You forever, and always, have access to that dessert tray.

Which is best for me?

When it comes time to decide which program will be most beneficial to you, each has its own unique benefits to should match your goals. Channel Select offers you a budget-friendly, flexible alternative to normal reseller models that provides the building blocks for offering growth. Through White Label Reseller, you gain access to an entire suite of products that you can utilize to not only meet your client's need, but to promote your business.

Interested in becoming a Reseller?

Whether you want the whole dessert tray, or just a few pieces, you can learn more about out different reseller options by emailing

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