Compliance 101 - Moving to the inbox

Compliance 101 - Moving to the inbox

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Compliance 101

The SimplyCast Compliance department "delivers" once again with very important tips on improving your deliverability and overall happiness. Yes, they are that good.

Have you encountered a situation where despite sending to opt-in lists and practicing good list hygiene (removing unsubscribes and hard bounces), your deliverability rates are still low? This is caused by low subscriber engagement.

Low engagement occurs when:
  • A client consistently receives low open rates.
  • A client receives low click-through rates (not clicking links).
  • When subscribers delete emails without opening the message.
  • When the client fails to whitelist the senders "from address" by clicking "This is not - spam" if sent to the bulk folder.
  • Not forwarding to a friend or replying to sender.

To increase engagement and deliverability rates, both the sender and subscriber can help the process. Below are some tips to help improve engagement which will lead to increased deliverability.


  • Use the same "from address".
  • Add a Forward-to-a-Friend link.
  • Remove addresses that do not open emails.
  • Have links to click within the campaign, ie: survey or company website.
  • Send a re-opt-in email to dis-engaged subscribers and have them reply to you if they wish to continue receiving your mail.


  • Whitelist the sender's email address in your address book.
  • Forward-to-a-Friend.
  • Check "This is not Spam" if sent to bulk folder.
  • Enable images

Have further questions on engagement? Feel free to email us at anytime.

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