Compliance 101 - Deliverability Best Practices

Compliance 101 - Deliverability Best Practices

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Deliverability Best Practices

Here at SimplyCast, deliverability is the main concern.

We have mentioned it before on this blog but we want to remind everyone again. Deliverability is way too important to overlook and our Compliance and Deliverability team wants to help you get as many emails to the inbox as you can.

Below are a few things that we do to help increase the deliverability of each mailing sent through SimplyCast:

  • SimplyCast's Deliverability Team communicates with ISPs to build strong relationships, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently when they arise.
  • We abide by a strict Anti-Spam Policy.
  • Our team continuously monitors our IPs reputations, contacting clients who fail to comply with our Terms and Conditions.
  • SimplyCast's Marketing Team actively updates this blog and adds FAQ's to help clients improve sending practices and increasing deliverability rates. For example Keywords which could be interpreted as spam, tips to creating good subject lines and how to maintain good list hygiene.
  • SimplyCast's Deliverability Team also implements a three strike policy. If a client receives "three strikes" we, unfortunately, have to terminate them, protecting deliverability rates for all our clients.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  • To ensure good deliverability you must have double-opt-in email lists.
  • Have your clients re-opt-in to your lists at least twice a year to remove unused addresses or addresses that may have turned into spam traps.
  • Have good "list hygiene" – Low number of complaints, removing soft bounces.
  • Include an easy-to-find unsubscribe link, so you do not receive unwanted complaints.
  • Create good subject lines, do not use profanity or have content that doesn't match the subject line.
  • Inform your recipients how often you will be sending and be consistent.
  • When creating HTML campaigns include both text and HTML. Campaigns with large amounts of HTML are likely to be observed as spam, thus not being delivered to the recipient's inbox.
  • Ensure your "from address" is consistent and does not misrepresent you.

For more tips on deliverability please email our team at

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