Compliance 101 - Importance of Sender Reputation

Compliance 101 - Importance of Sender Reputation

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Sender Reputation Importance

As 2010 moves forward (spring already!) deliverability becomes increasingly relevant. In the past Internet Service Providers would filter or block emails based on poor content. As email marketing has grown, ISPs are not only concerned about content, but they are concerned about sender reputation. Each ISP filters email differently with sender reputation being the main factor. Basically, if your sender reputation is poor, it will affect the deliverability of the emails you send.

What is sender reputation based on?

  • Recipient complaints.
  • Recipient's hitting "this-is-spam" or "report spam".
  • Sending to bounced addresses.
  • Sending to spam traps.
  • Interaction – the percentage of opened emails, click through rates, etc.

How to increase your sender reputation?

  • Have recipients whitelist your address.
  • Do not use purchased or harvested lists.
  • Send emails that recipients are expecting.
  • Inform your recipients how often you will send messages and stay consistent.
  • Segment your lists.
  • Provide good subject lines; do not hide what the email is actually about.
  • Use a consistent "from address".
  • Have your recipients re-opt-in to your mailing list once or twice a year to keep lists clean, lower unwanted complaint rates, and clean up bad addresses along the way.

By following these guidelines your sender reputation will increase which will provide you with better end results. These can include higher open rates and increased deliverability of mail to the recipient's inbox.

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