Improve Deliverability by Engaging Subscribers

Improve Deliverability by Engaging Subscribers

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Improve Deliverability

The SimplyCast Compliance department "delivers" once again with very important tips on improving your deliverability and overall happiness. Yes, they are that good.

In previous posts we have mentioned what to avoid to increase deliverability, such as sending to old or purchased lists or misleading your recipients with deceptive subject lines. Now we will turn the focus on user engagement and what your recipients can do to help increase deliverability.

First, there are two things you should ask yourself: Do I have good open rates and is my mail going to the junk folder? The average open rate is between 20% and 25%. If you are not achieving these rates there are a number of things you can do to have your recipients become more engaged in your email marketing.

  • Use the same "From Address" and request to have your recipients add your email to their address book as a safe sender.
  • Use descriptive subject lines that encourage your recipients to open the email.
  • Have recipients occasionally reply-to your emails. Ask for user feedback or specific questions you know they will answer. (Did you know that "reply-to" will whitelist your email address with particular ISPs?)
  • Include links to click within the email.
  • Include an option to "Rate this Email".
  • Mark email as "Not Spam".

If you start to find that more email is ending up in the junk folder and open rates are dropping, this can indicate that your recipients are disengaged. This would be a good time to send a re-opt-in email to these disengaged subscribers, asking them to reply if they wish to continue receiving your mail and ask if there is anything they wish to see that would regain their interest. This will help keep your subscriber lists updated and maintaining great deliverability.

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