How to Create an Email Signature: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create an Email Signature: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Create an Email Signature

Do you know how to create an email signature that acts as a friendly sign-off, builds trust among your subscribers and looks professional? We have the inside scoop on how to make an email signature that suits your personality and tells your subscribers what they need to know.

How big should my email signature be?

You should attempt to make your email signature as concise as possible, so that your email looks clean and it is easy for subscribers to find the contact information they are looking for. Also, be aware that many email programs have a maximum width of 80 characters per line, so ensure that each line of your email signature is less than that so it maintains a clean look and doesn't extend to two lines or break in an odd spot.

What needs to be included in my email signature?

Include just the basics. Your email signature should contain your name and the name of your company, your title, your website and your contact information. You can include more than one way for subscribers to contact you, such as email and phone, but try to keep it simple. A company tagline or personal sentiment (such as "Sincerely" or "Have a great day!" is optional. Example:

Mike Jones, Assistant Manager

Company XYZ, We Manage the Stuff You Don't Want To

123-456-7890, ext. 111

Can I make my email signature an image?

I am of the opinion that your email signature should not be an image. I can't tell you how many times I've received an email that had a blank space at the bottom where the signature should be, or had part of the signature in text and the other in a non-displayed image.

You never know how your image will look in subscribers' various email programs, and you don't want your contact information to be invisible or displayed improperly to subscribers who choose not to display images.

Are there any email signature rules I should know in order to be spam-compliant?

It depends on the individual laws of the country in which you live and any countries to which you are sending. Some countries require you to provide a physical address for your company in your email signature. Double check your country's email spam laws before you send.

Should my email signature change if I am having an email conversation back and forth with a customer?

Often, a customer will contact you and you may be sending a few emails back and forth. To remain professional and brand consistent, you should always include your full email signature. It is, however, a great idea to personalize your communication a bit when you start having an email conversation with a customer. In addition to the email signature, consider adding your first name or the name you use in conversation (such as Mike instead of Michael) to sound friendly and accessible.

How can I personalize my email signature?

You probably don't want your email signature to be cookie-cutter, yet you do need to keep the basic important information. In order to personalize your email signature, create a unique sign-off. This sign-off should be a friendly phrase that rounds out your email and concludes with a positive sentiment. It can be a quotation or whatever you want, but remember to keep it short and simple.

Shop around!

Have a look at each email you receive to see how other professionals in your industry style their email signatures. You may collect some ideas that you can incorporate into your own email signature.

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