Email Deliverability Best Practices - Inbox Placement Rate

Email Deliverability Best Practices - Inbox Placement Rate

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The SimplyCast Compliance Team "delivers" once again with very important email deliverability best practices and tips on improving your overall deliverability rates.

Looking to increase your Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) and generate more revenue for your business? As an online marketer this is mainly in your control thanks to the help of an Email Service Provider of course. By following a few email deliverability best practices, you will instantly start to increase delivery rates and in turn, start getting more messages to the intended inbox.

ESPs help by providing marketers with the following:

  • A shared or dedicated IP.
  • Monitoring and removal of an IP on blacklists.
  • Implementing authentication methods such as DKIM, DK, Sender ID and SPF.
  • Monitoring of all other marketers from interfering with the reputation of all senders.

Now that you know what an ESP can do to help, you must be wondering how to raise the level of your Inbox Placement Rate? Well here are 10 email deliverability best practices that our Compliance Team thinks you must do.

To increase IPR it is important to do the following:

  • Send to clean, permission-based lists.
  • Send consistent volume.
  • Use a clear and concise subject line.
  • Send with the same "From Address".
  • Maintain a low complaint rate.
  • Maintain a low bounce rate.
  • Do not send to spam traps.
  • Send targeted content.
  • Properly format your HTML.
  • Talk to your ESP to see if you are eligible to be whitelisted.

When new subscribers sign up to your list you should send a Welcome or Confirmation message. This will not only help increase your Inbox Placement Rate but it will help clean addresses that may have been spelled incorrectly and returning as a bounced email.

This would also give you the opportunity to have the subscriber whitelist your "from address" from the beginning so they start receiving email directly to the inbox.

The importance of sending to clean lists is crucial to deliverability. We talk about it quite often at SimplyCast and other industry experts such as Return Path reports that one spam trap can affect your deliverability by 53%.

So by keeping your lists clean, sending consistent volume as well as sending content that is relevant to what your subscribers are expecting, you will see an increase in IPR and in turn greater ROI.

Have further questions on email deliverability best practices and how to improve your IPR? Feel free to email us at anytime.

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