Learn More About EmergHub With The Getting Started Guide

Learn More About EmergHub With The Getting Started Guide

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Getting Started Guide

During an emergency situation, it is essential to be properly and well prepared, as well as be able to work efficiently to resolve these urgent situations whenever they do arise. It's important that you have systems and processes in place in order to help ensure you and your company are able to reduce the impact of the incident as much as possible. Priority number one is always everyone and their loved ones safe.

One of these systems you include may happen to be emergency communication software such as the one that we at SimplyCast have launched several months ago! EmergHub is a multi-channel platform allowing for mass emergency notifications to be sent over several communication channels such as email, voice, SMS, and even fax. These messages can be sent to contacts you have stored in your built-in Contact Relationship Manager.

Along with the base SimplyCast channels, the emergency communication software contains eight new modules that will serve to assist with your communications and emergency preparation:

These modules have the capacity and flexibility to work in tandem with each other, enabling you to streamline your essential communications both during emergencies as well as during day-to-day business operations. Pre-create your alerts and store them in templates that you can launch with the click of a button.


Now that you've heard about SimplyCast's newest all-in-one emergency communication software; you know that it includes several new channels geared toward increasing efficiency in communications during emergencies, and you've been to the website to check out all of the new features, what next?

If you aren't ready yet for a free, 30-minute demonstration of the product (although we hope you are), you can download the free Getting Started Guide to EmergHub instead that will provide you with even more information about the platform and some of its many different uses!

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