Empower Your Utility with EmergHub

Empower Your Utility with EmergHub

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Empower Your Utility

Power means something different to everyone – for the busy professional, it's what makes their cup of coffee in the morning and brings their laptop to life. To the social teenager, it's what lets them post cute photos of their pets on Instagram and text friends. For others, it is what they rely on to aid in mobility and monitoring their health.

While each of these people require power for different things, they all ask the same questions when an electrical outage occurs: "What's going on?" and "When is it coming back?"

If you're a traditional electric company, you'll put out information as it becomes available on social media channels, your website's outage map becomes a highway of digital traffic, and preparation is made for the tide of calls coming to both your outage line and customer service agents.

At your depots, powerline technicians saddle up into line trucks and head off to assess the damage — but close by crews are currently working on other repairs which you now have to reach and prioritize. Whether it is just a transformer or an entire line that has gone down, depending on the season and weather conditions, this could only be the beginning of a very long day or even week with changing estimated times of restorations.

But, what if you could talk to your customers instantly when the power goes out? What if you could recall the crews immediately and send out surveys for on-site updates about the restoration progress?

With EmergHub, there are no more "what ifs?"

Alert your customers

When the lights go out, use Alerts to instantly send geo-targeted mass notifications to customers via SMS, voice dialing, and email. The responses are recorded in real time with confirmation of receipt so you know which customers are aware of the outage.

Recall powerline technicians & provide support

Meanwhile, the Recall module is launched to immediately contact and brief available powerline technicians to respond. If all currently-active power line technicians are busy, OnCall can be activated to call in previously-scheduled support staff to ensure the outage has a crew responding to it.

Survey customers and crews for operational information

To better narrow down the affected area and estimated restoration times, Live Survey sends two questionnaires over SMS, voice, and email: one to customers in the outage area and the other to on-site crews while staff report the real-time responses.

The survey sent to customers asks a quick "yes or no" question about whether they are experiencing a loss of power and an open-ended follow-up question allows them to report their power outage while also notifying teams if someone in their household requires power for medical reasons.

The survey sent to the crews asks if they are onsite and, if so, a follow-up questionnaire from SimplyCast's survey tools is sent with open-ended questions such as what obstacles they have come across so far, the progress they have made, and if they require additional equipment. These answers will not only allow the team managing the outage to send resources but will help with strategizing where on call teams are needed most.

This is all done while keeping customers engaged and enhancing your crews' ability to respond and adapt to the ever-changing conditions. This is not your traditional utility. This is the utility of the future powered by EmergHub.

To learn more about EmergHub and its features, visit the EmergHub website, or contact us at sales@simplycast.com for more information. Don't forget to request a one-on-one demo of the solution by clicking the button below!

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