SimplyCast Blog: Feature Of The Week: Shorten URL For Twitter Marketing

Feature Of The Week: Shorten URL For Twitter Marketing

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an up-and-coming communication channel that millions of people are using. Make sure you are on this site in order to boost customer engagement and increase conversions. Twitter is the perfect place to share information and content with your followers. Read on to learn how to use SimplyCast's Twitter application to help make posting and tweeting easier.

Every week, we are going to put one of our all-in-one marketing features under the spotlight just to make sure you know about it. Don't worry, this is not 60 Minutes, so no undercover smear jobs. Just the straight-up facts of what the feature is and what it will do to help you do marketing.

Shorten URL For Twitter Marketing

When using Twitter, it is all about character space. You only get 140 characters to get your message across and that includes any hashtags or URLs you want to add.

Have you ever wondered how to shorten URL for Twitter? Shortening a URL can be a handy option when you only have limited space, or if you want to make your URL easier to remember for your Twitter followers.

That is why it is a good idea to shorten your URL when you use Twitter. Luckily when using our Twitter marketing automation tool, you can shorten a URL with one click of the mouse.

Shortening a URL does the following for you: Shortening URLs (or website addresses) make them easier for people to share, and easier for other programs to detect them as valid links to make them clickable. A shortened URL also doubles as a tracking link because we know you are going to want to review all the clicks you get.

When you post messages on Twitter, you are basically just sending plain text to your followers, and the browser they are using to read your Tweets will usually translate URL links written as "" for example, into a clickable link.

Sometimes, the URL link you might want to post might is very long and contains characters like dashes (-), number signs (#) or other characters that might prevent the recipient's browser from making the link clickable.

You might also be approaching the character limit for Twitter and don't have any room to type anymore. Shortening the URL link gives you a few more characters to play with.

To avoid these issues outlined previously, look for the Shorten URL column in the above example and click on the words Not Shortened in the SimplyCast Twitter app.

This turns a long URL link into a shortened URL link that is easily made clickable for the recipient by Twitter, it is easy to copy and paste, and in some cases easier to remember, and gives you more room to add content to the Twitter message.

Once you shorten the URL, you will see the Shorten URL column change to "Shortened" and you'll see the shortened URL (shown as simplycast/youruniquelink).

Ready to try to shorten URLs for Twitter for yourself? Sign up for a free account today and launch your first project.

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