SimplyCast Blog: Flashback Friday: Top Blogs of 2016 (So far)

Flashback Friday: Top Blogs of 2016 (So far)

Flashback Friday

 Way back in 2009, we had the idea to highlight our most popular blogs. Since then, we've written more great content and we'd like to share with you the blogs that have been the most popular so far this year.

1. Competitive Bar Promotion Ideas for Every Night of the Week – This blog is one of our all-time most popular. Detailing special promotions for each night of the week, you're sure to find the perfect promotion for your business!

2. Key Advice on How to Promote a Nightclub – If you're looking for a new way to promote your bar or nightclub, this blog gives for fresh, new ideas.

3. 10 Best Quick Tips on How to Send a Mass Email – These email tips are sure to keep your subscribers engaged! Take a look at these best practices to perfect your mass emails.

4. 20 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Close More Sales – Real estate is a competitive field. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing some of these ideas.

5. Gym Marketing Ideas Will Help Gain Clients Today – If your gym needs new clients, this blog can help you get just that! From social media tips to new ways to advertise, this article will help you improve your marketing.

6. The New Hospital Marketing Strategy for 2015 – Even though this is the hospital marketing strategy for 2015, there are still a lot of great ideas in here that are applicable to 2016 as well.

7. 5 Effective Mortgage Broker Marketing Ideas and How to Do Them – Need some inspiration for your mortgage broker marketing? This is the blog you're looking for.

8. How to do a Fax Cover Sheet - We've received a lot of questions in the past about how to make the best fax cover sheet. Here's how!

9. Top 10 Benefits of SMS Marketing – We all know SMS marketing is important. But, what exactly are the benefits? This blog explores 10 benefits of using SMS for marketing.

10. 10 Veterinary Marketing Ideas You've Never Tried – Veterinary clinics are in the perfect place to utilize social media and SMS for marketing. This blog tells you how.

11. 5 Simple Radio Promotion Ideas – Do you know how to promote your radio more both on and off the air? If you need some neat, new ideas, be sure to check out this blog.

12. 10 Tips for Online Auto Dealer Marketing – Marketing in the automotive industry can be greatly improved through the use of marketing automation. This blog shows just a few of the things you can do with an automated platform.

13. 8 Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas that Lift Like Crazy – This is the second personal trainer blog on the list! In case you need more ideas, there's eight more here.

14. How to Send a Mass Text Message in 7 Simple Steps – If you're just getting started with SMS marketing, be sure to read through these seven steps to learn everything you need to know about mass text messages.

15. 15 Tips to Avoid Email Blocklisting – Having your IP address blocklisted is detrimental to your email marketing campaigns. Follow these 15 tips to ensure your messages get through and that your IP address is fine.

And, those are the 15 most popular blogs so far this year. Was your favorite on the list? If not, be sure to tell us what yours is in the comments below!

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