From the Downloads Folder: Omni-Channel Marketing

From the Downloads Folder: Omni-Channel Marketing

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Your guide to omni-channel marketing

From the Downloads Folder is a blog series from the SimplyCast Team highlighting some of the downloadable content available on our website. To see the complete library of downloads available, check out this page!

This week we will be looking at another one of our whitepapers: The Getting Started Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing. This whitepaper explains the concept of omni-channel marketing strategies and how they can be implemented for your organization to streamline your operations and make your marketing and communication more accessible to your customers and clients.

What is omni-channel marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is similar but not exactly the same as multi-channel marketing. While multi-channel marketing utilizes multiple communication channels to reach out and connect with contacts, an omni-channel strategy takes on more of a user-centric approach in that it provides contacts with a more well-rounded user experience no matter which channel they choose to use at any given time.

Essentially, omni-channel marketing is a by-product of the multi-channel marketing strategy. It is a way of bringing together all of the multiple channels an organization uses in its marketing strategies in order to create a holistic and seamless experience for a user as they navigate between them. For example, a user may initially reach out to your organization via one communication method and as their conversation evolves with your organization, they may shift to other forms of communication depending on their needs.

Integrating omni-channel with multi-channel

If you are already employing a multi-channel marketing strategy, chances are that you have enlisted the help of a multi-channel automation platform to facilitate the creation and delivery of your marketing messages via each channel you have implemented as part of this strategy. If you are using such a platform, it will be super simple to integrate omni-channel marketing into your marketing approach.

Like it was mentioned before, an omni-channel strategy is essentially the result of your multi-channel marketing efforts. It’s a step beyond simply ensuring you are able to send messages to contacts’ preferred methods of communication. What you want to do in order to fully maximize the potential of your marketing campaigns is to ensure that all of your communication methods are sending out unified and cohesive messages that complement each other in terms of branding, content, and tone.

If your contacts are moving across different channels when communicating with you, (e.g. from phone call to email to online chat) it is important that you are able to provide the same level of customer experience on all these mediums in your platform, creating a seamless transition from one to the next. This can be done through the use of the same colors, signatures, and style of branding, for starters.

No need for additional resources

You may think that in order to be able to provide the level of service that comes with employing an omni-channel marketing strategy you will need to employ more resources. But this is not necessarily the case!

If you are already using a multi-channel automation platform for your multi-channel marketing, you can easily make the most of omni-channel marketing without adding a bunch of extra work! Once your communication campaigns have been optimized for the new, streamlined omni-channel strategy, then that’s it. Once it’s done, it’s done!

If you’re not currently using an automation platform, then you’re not making the most of what multi-channel and omni-channel strategies have to offer.

Lucky for you, we have the solution to all your needs.

Try SimplyCast’s all-in-one solution

SimplyCast’s all-in-one automation platform makes it easy to deploy both multi-channel and omni-channel marketing strategies by giving you the ability to manage all your communication campaigns within one solution – making it easy to unify your content and branding.

To see what SimplyCast can do for your business, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the platform! Let our team know if there are any specific use cases you have in mind that you think automation technology can help with and we will help you discover how you can use the SimplyCast platform to fulfil them!

Don’t forget to download the entire Getting Started Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing to learn more!

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