How to Get Free Email Lists... Is This Legitimate?

How to Get Free Email Lists... Is This Legitimate?

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How to Get Free Email Lists

You're a small business owner just starting out. How do you promote your products and get the word out to new customers? Targeted email marketing is a great way to foster interest! But... you don't have an email marketing list of contacts to send to. Do you purchase a list, look for free email lists, or start from scratch?

You hatch a plan to gather contacts online or purchase email lists for a small price. You may even be wondering how to get free email lists. Then you will be able to reach new customers with your messages and you won't have to start from scratch. Easy as pie, right? The only problem is that it is against the law to buy email lists, or use third-party free email lists, and to send to contacts without their permission.

Why you shouldn't use purchased-for or free email lists

Buying or harvesting emails is also an extremely ineffective way to promote your services. Think about your own inbox. When you receive an email from someone you don't know, and the email is trying to sell you something, how do you feel? Irritated, angry, bored... You are very unlikely to respond to the email, and you certainly will not make a purchase from the company who sent the intrusive email.

So what should you do?

Build an Email List from the Ground Up

The only way to gather emails for customers who will actually be engaged with your products and services is to ask for permission. Create a signup form and place it on your website, social media pages and at the point of sale at your physical location. Tell customers the benefits of signing up, such as receiving exclusive promotions that are not available unless they subscribe. Read more about getting customers to opt in to your emails here.

Know the Email Laws Before You Send

Before you send a single email, familiarize yourself with the email laws of your country and all countries to which you are sending. If you are in Canada, you will be subject to Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation. You can review important CASL aspects here.

Want to know more?

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