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Contest Management System

Universities and other educational institutions run a number of contests and giveaways for their students and those hoping to be admitted. Running these contests is a lot of work and require a number of resources to promote the contest and ensure that entries are collected and managed so a winner can be selected.

An automated giveaway and contest management system can be of great benefit to educational institutions, helping to ensure that contests run smoothly and winners are selected fairly and on a timely basis. Here are just some of the benefits of automating your university’s contests and giveaways.

Save Time

Typically, contests run by educational institutions involve a bunch of manual tasks, such as advertising the contest, collecting entries, and notifying the winners. As well, if you are tracking contest entries in a separate spreadsheet, it takes up even more time.

When you implement an automated contest management system, you can automate at least some of these tasks, which will end up saving you both time and resources that you can spend elsewhere.

Increase Efficiency

Like we mentioned before, a typical contests and giveaways strategy includes a set of manual tasks. All these different tasks may be performed using a different solution or different piece of software, which can create confusion and inaccuracies that may affect the outcome of the contest.

An automated contest management system can facilitate the collection and storing of entries and can send out messages automatically to all participants at once when a winner has been selected, increasing the overall efficiency of the contest process by consolidating everything into a single solution.

Scale Easily

Scalability is important when thinking about how to optimize future contests and giveaways within an institution. With a manual contest management process, staff may not be able to keep up with increased numbers of contest entries once your contest begins to grow in popularity as more and more students decide to enter each time it is held.

This process can be made more scalable with automation, because the solution will be able to easily account for any increase in contest entries without your team having to do any extra work. As long as participants continue to be added to your contest management system, whether manually or automatically through the use of online forms or other methods, the solution will be able to continue to manage all the information and send them the necessary automated communications.

Keep Information Secure

Information security is always a concern with digital systems, though due to the chances of winning goods or cash prizes, it is even more important for educational institutions holding contest and giveaways to keep contest data secure and safe from security breaches.

In a digital contest management system, all data is stored in a centralized and secure online platform. Any and all messages that are sent are encrypted during transmission, meaning you can be sure that all contest entries and other data that gets collected is stored safely and protected.

Real-time Insights

An automated contest management system provides universities with auto-generated reports for all of the communications it sends as part of the contest and giveaways process automatically on the institution’s behalf. Staff are able to easily analyze these reports to determine where improvements to the solution can be made for future contests and giveaways. The reports provide you with key information such as the messages’ open rates, click-through rates, as well as any unsubscribes that may have occurred.

Interested in an automated contest management system?

As you can see, these benefits can greatly improve and streamline the contests and giveaways process for educational institutions. SimplyCast’s automated giveaway and contest management system combines several tools into a single platform that makes running contests a breeze.

If you are interested in further exploring how SimplyCast can assist you with automating your university’s contests and giveaways strategy, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the solution from one of our very knowledgeable team members! 


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