Go Organic with Email Marketing

Go Organic with Email Marketing

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Organic Email Marketing

The trend of eating organic food and buying organic home products has grown tremendously over the past few years, being both beneficial to your health and the environment.

Did you know you can also go organic with email marketing?

This will also be beneficial to you because it will increase deliverability rates, increase click-through rates, lower complaint rates and much more. So how can you be organic with email marketing?

To start, create lists by using opt-in (preferably double-opt-in) to make sure the recipient wishes to receive your email. Then they will likely do their part and whitelist you in their address book allowing your mail to go directly to their inbox.

Next, it is a good practice throughout the year to keep your lists clean of soft bounced emails. Check out this link for helpful tools to show you how to clean your lists.

Finally, once a year send an email to have your recipients confirm that they still want to be on your mailing list or to be able to change the frequency of emails. For example, only sending one newsletter per month rather than two or three per month so that you do not end up receiving unwanted complaints.

Start 2010 by going organic with these three simple steps and experience a great year of increased deliverability!

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