SimplyCast Highlight: Email Autoresponder

SimplyCast Highlight: Email Autoresponder

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Email Autoresponder

Are you getting bogged down with information requests? Finding it hard to get major projects done without getting caught up in administrative tasks?

Email autoresponder is the application for you.

Autoresponder software empowers your business by allowing you to send responses for form submissions, tag link clicks to track leads, or set timed events for email sends.

Set up email marketing drip campaigns that delivers weekly emails to keep your audiences engaged or send reminder emails only to contacts who haven't opened your initial messages. Not only does email autoresponder save you time while collecting vital information, it allows you to send personalized messaging instantly.

This helps to not only provide the same level of quality as there would be if you were responding yourself but provides you with the building blocks to create strong relationships with new contacts from the beginning.

Let's say you're trying to attract attention to an upcoming event by encouraging your client base to come while bringing in potential contacts.

You can create a campaign with autoresponder software that will send an initial invitation to your contacts with a trigger that will resend the email if they don't open the invite within three days. Those who do open the email and confirm attendance can be tagged within the system, allowing you to quickly build an attendees list.

To advertise the event to potential contacts, you may circulate a signup form to keep track of those outside of your contact base who are attending. After the form is filled out, it will automatically send a personally addressed invitation with the date and time of the event as well as additional invitations as well as tag them to be added to the list of guests.

Don't deal in events often?

You can set up timed triggers that send promotions connected to a specific piece of a contact's data. For example, you could set up a promotional campaign that sends congratulatory emails to contacts on their birthday. Your clients feel appreciated and thought of while you get to focus on top priority projects.

With email autoresponder software – everyone wins!

If you're considering creating an email autoresponder, or if you want to see how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

Looking to employ this service but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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