ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for March

ICYMI: Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Recaps for March

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Multi-channel Marketing Recap March

Hard to believe March is about to end already! As an online marketer, you know how busy the days and weeks can get. It makes it hard to keep on top of what is new in the industry and what is going on at SimplyCast.

That is why we have blogs, 13 in fact, that cover each service we offer. Regardless of the type of online marketing you do, we have a blog that features product updates, tutorial videos, compliance tips, best practices and overall industry news to help you grow your business.

As we did last month, we are going to recap a few of the posts that we think are a must for you to check out.

Spring is upon us, everyone! Here is the best of the SimplyCast blogs for March.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

The real reasons your customers are leaving - Facebook - March started off with the second part of a three-part series on why customers are tuning out your message. This post focused on Facebook and things you might be doing (or not doing) to turn off your Facebook fans. This includes too many posts, too much self-promotion, and irrelevant information. Of course tips on how to improve are included.

Difference between reporting as spam vs. unsubscribe - A good post for all you compliance buffs. Learn why some users report a legitimate message as spam instead of unsubscribing and then use that information to further optimize your campaigns.

5 quick tips to improve your conversion rate: The landing page - Quick post to help you improve conversion rates by adding landing pages to your marketing mix. Give it a try and you will see results.

Email Marketing Blog

Subject line inspiration for top email marketing results - You have incredible content, but what in the world can you write in the subject line that catches your subscribers' attention? This post on our email marketing blog will help you out in no time.

How to thank and reward your email marketing subscribers - If you have not been thanking your customers for subscribing to your newsletter list, you could be starting off on the wrong foot. Here are a few ways to thank and reward your most precious assets.

Survey Marketing Blog

How to create a powerful and effective online survey - Survey marketing is how you get answers that help your business. If you give customers a chance to tell you what you think, they will. They provided the most important information you need - the truth. Learn how to create your next online survey.

Event Marketing Blog

Do's and don'ts of event marketing - Wondering why your last event did not have the turnout you expected? Maybe it had to do with how you marketed it. Read about some areas to avoid when setting up your next event marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing Blog

SMS marketing best practices - So many of us send text messages to each other, that we all know how handy they can be. But if you are using SMS marketing to promote your business, are you following industry best practices? This is a great refresher post to all using this type of marketing.

Fax Marketing Blog

Top 5 fax marketing metrics to monitor - Before diving in head first into numbers, analytics, and customer interaction metrics, there are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing your fax marketing campaigns.

Blacklist Monitor Blog

Simple tips to avoid being blacklisted - Whether it be with a circle of friends, an organization, or your IP address, nobody wants to be blacklisted. We can't help with the first two, but we can tell you how to keep your IP safe and your online marketing campaigns arriving in the inbox.

Autoresponder Marketing Blog

Autoresponder marketing: Trends to follow in 2011 - Autoresponders are a powerful tool that will automate a lot of your online marketing. But how are people using them now as opposed to last year? We have a few trends you will find interesting.

Phew, it was a busy month of blogging. That is just a sampling of what was posted in March. Stayed tuned next month for more informative and hopefully entertaining tips, news and trends.

Have a question for us or maybe a topic you would like covered in upcoming months? Send us an email at marketing@simplycast.com or drop us a note on Twitter @simplycast. Look forward to hearing from you.

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