Increase Efficiency While Marketing on Facebook: Automate

Increase Efficiency While Marketing on Facebook: Automate

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Use Automation to Increase Efficiency While Marketing on Facebook

You can find advertisements anywhere these days. Everywhere you look, marketers are finding new ways to get the word out about their products in ingenious ways. One of the most popular ways for marketers to do this is through social media.

Social media marketing, and marketing on Facebook in particular, allows brands to get their products out to people who use the platform daily, therefore almost guaranteeing that these people will come across their ad at least once during their scrolling journeys.

Marketers have access to a multitude of native and third-party tools to assist them with doing their marketing on Facebook, such as automated scheduling tools that allow them to schedule a bunch of Facebook posts at once and have them be published at a scheduled date and time. Facebook has its own, native scheduling tool that marketers can use to schedule their Facebook posts, so why would they turn to a third-party solution?

The thing is, the majority of marketers are responsible for much more than marketing on Facebook. They typically use many different channels on a daily basis, from direct response email marketing, to SMS marketing, and even fax in order to effectively do their jobs. And so, in order to increase the efficiency with which they use all of these channels, does it not make sense for everything to be located in the same place?

Why have to log into an email marketing tool and an SMS marketing tool, as well as all your social media accounts when you could just log into one all-encompassing tool that eliminates the need to have numerous tabs open in your browser? On top of all that, wouldn’t it be nice to have a central contact database that you are able to use for all your different marketing needs?

Thought so.

This is why marketing on Facebook can be made so much more efficient by switching to an all-in-one marketing automation solution because, chances are, you aren’t going to just be using Facebook for your marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

Well, using a marketing automation solution that is able to sync your business’s Facebook account directly with the solution eliminates the need to actually be logged into the respective Facebook account whenever you wish to schedule your marketing campaigns. You are also able to link multiple Facebook accounts to the automation solution, meaning that when scheduling posts, you simply need to choose which account you will be posting to from the list of available accounts rather than making sure you’re logged into the correct one.

Scheduling your Facebook marketing campaigns is also very simple using a marketing automation solution. All you need to do is create a new campaign, choose a post type for your first post, enter your content, and schedule when the system should publish. Repeat these steps for all the posts in your marketing campaign and then complete the campaign setup. Then, all you need to do is sit back and relax (or focus on the many other aspects of your business’s marketing efforts). The system will automatically publish each Facebook post whenever you have scheduled it.

Marketing on Facebook has never been easier! Using automation can let you schedule your campaigns quickly and easily; adding photos, links, and whatever other content you need to market your products and services effectively in the background so you do not have to worry about remembering to post on Facebook. A marketing automation solution helps you to manage all your marketing contacts over every channel from one central location, ensuring they are ready to be added to your marketing communications at a moment’s notice.

With the SimplyCast marketing automation platform, you are able to not only do your marketing on Facebook and Twitter, but also through email, SMS, voice, and fax. The platform allows you to create dynamic and sophisticated automation campaigns combining all of these channels and more in order to provide your contacts with a seamless marketing experience, encouraging them to engage with you and your business.

To request a demo of how SimplyCast can help your business make your marketing more efficient, click the button below!

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