Top 5 Reasons Law Firms Should Use Marketing Automation

Top 5 Reasons Law Firms Should Use Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

1. Law firms have increasingly been spending more on their marketing

You've got to spend money to make money, or so the saying goes. In 2012, laws firms were spending about 2.3 percent of their collected fees on marketing. In 2013, this increased to 3.4 percent.

If this trend were to continue, law firms would be spending an alarming amount on marketing initiatives when there is a more cost-effective alternative.

2. Have the ability to measure your marketing ROI

When marketing is not your main focus, it can be hard to determine your ROI since you are not constantly monitoring it. With a marketing automation platform, your leads and engagement metrics are automatically recorded in reports and your leads and clients can be sorted in pipelines.

With a free CRM and integrated web tracking software, you can tag, rank, and score clients based on their level of interest automatically. Knowing which potential clients are the most engaged and which may need additional attention can help you narrow your focus and really target your potential clients personally.

3. Automatically engage with your current clients

How often do you communicate or touch base with your current clients? Weekly? Monthly?

These clients are "low hanging fruit;" they're already sold on your services and will likely use them again if they need to. That is, if they are engaged.

It is much easier to keep a current client than it is to find a new one so keeping current clients updated should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. Something as simple as a monthly email update or newsletter keeps you front of mind with current clients and continues to build that rapport you've already started and, with a marketing automation platform, it is a completely automated task.

You can also accomplish more complex engagement strategies automatically with the right platform. Using CRM list upload, drip campaigns, and reminder projects, you can re-engage stale clients and keep new clients.

4. Automation saves time

Chances are that you know what your law firm should be doing to boost engagement and find new clients. The problem becomes how to find the time to keep up with new leads, referrals, existing clients while actually working on your client matters. By automating the mundane tasks, you save time and free up resources so your administrative team can work on more productive tasks.

5. Consider consulting the right experts

Your area of expertise is the law. There are other professionals that specialize in marketing and communication. Perhaps the most effective route for your firm is to take advantage of the knowledge of marketing and communication experts and outsource your marketing and communication campaigns to them.

Through a managed service-style service, marketing experts would take care of your campaigns and offer suggestions on how they could be improved.

SimplyCast now offers a service called Hands-Free that is the go-to solution for busy professionals. Essentially, you leave your marketing and communication campaigns with your Hands-Free Expert and they use SimplyCast 360 to create and manage automated flows to accomplish your marketing and communication objectives.

To learn more about the Hands-Free service, visit this page.

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