Marketing and Communication Tools: Email Automation

Marketing and Communication Tools: Email Automation

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Email Automation

With the ever-expanding reach of the internet, you would think email marketing has given way to social media sites or other online marketing tools.

However, this is not the case.

Email is still the best way to acquire new customers. In fact, email gets 40 percent more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

With an ROI of $44.25, email automation can help you improve your email marketing strategies even more. Here's how.

1) Create your email

Inside of an email automation platform, create your email in the editor. In the case of the SimplyCast email app, you can use templates and the drag-and-drop editor to easily create your email without using any HTML coding.

If you have your SimplyCast email marketing app being used with the CRM, you can use conditional formatting to personalize your emails. 77 percent of email marketers think personalization email marketing is critical to effective marketing.

2) Add your information

Before sending the email, you need to add your information. This includes your subject line and sender name. Take care to carefully craft your subject line because over 60 percent of email recipients say they open an email based on the subject line.

3) Select your lists

Instead of sending to all your contacts, consider sending to them in lists. Email list segmentation improves open rates by 39 percent and lowers unsubscribe rates by 28 percent. This is because lists allow you to provide applicable information to recipients who share interests instead of sending them all too much information. You could send to lists based on geography, interests, or any other criteria that is applicable.

4) Send your email

After you've added your company's information and selected your lists, you're ready to send. With an email automation tool, you can select to send your message right away or to schedule it to send at a later time. Also, if you want your email to auto-post to Twitter or Facebook, make sure that option is selected before you send.

If you'd like to learn more about SimplyCast's email automation application, visit this page.

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