SimplyCast Blog: Marketing and Communication Tools: Using a Survey Builder

Marketing and Communication Tools: Using a Survey Builder

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Survey Builder

We all know asking your customers questions and getting the right feedback is crucial for any marketing strategy. After all, how do you improve if you don't know what the consumers want?

Typically, this information is gathered through surveys. Creating a survey manually is time-consuming and difficult. But, there's an easier way to do it.

Here's how to create a survey using a survey builder.

1) Prepare your questions

There's no sense in starting to make a survey until you know what your questions are going to be. So, take a few minutes and write down the information you need to get and how you can best format the question. Once you've decided what questions you want to ask, decide how you will ask it. Will it be multiple choice, text block, or radio buttons? By knowing this in advance, making the survey will go much quicker.

2) Design your survey

Now that you have your questions, go into the survey builder and choose the template for your survey. Most survey builders provide you with templates as well as drag-and-drop elements so you don't need to use HTML code to create your surveys. Once all the elements are in place, make any changes you need to make sure your survey looks how you want it to and that your questions are properly formatted.

3) Add the survey to your website

The last step is to add the survey to your website either as a pop-up option or a button interested users would have to click in order to access the survey. You can also opt to include a "thank you" page for anyone who completed the survey.

If you'd like to learn more about survey building software, visit this page.

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