SimplyCast Blog: Marketing Strategy Advice From The Kim Kardashian Wedding

Marketing Strategy Advice From The Kim Kardashian Wedding

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If the Kardashian wedding is anything, it's not about the eternal union of people in love, but how to manipulate the media to make a bigger splash than the Royal Wedding, while making a pretty buck.

The Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries wedding is a spectacular example of extremely successful marketing tactics that you can easily add to your overall marketing strategy.

These lessons can be applied to your email, SMS, fax, social media and direct marketing tactics.

Let the Internet Do Your Job

Hollywood actors have agents. Politicians have communications directors.

Kim Kardashian has the Internet. And she "uses" it better than any other human being does on the planet. She's a reality star – a pure product of the Internet age.

So, how can you tap into this phenomena for your email marketing campaign?

Everyone loves a good story, especially one that becomes a trending topic. Take this blog topic for example: comparing Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding to email marketing? Please! As soon as someone searches for anything associated with the wedding blowout, this cute little blog is going to pop up amongst the tabloid fever.

Write good copy. Write compelling copy. Write something a bit controversial but relevant. Get it out there.

The Internet will do the rest.

Make a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill

Who is the newly minted Mrs. Kris Humphries?

Well, she's just a small business owner with an aptitude for media manipulation. On paper, her NBA star husband is more of a someone tha she is, but she is the more recognized name.

So, why does her wedding (note, the "her" not "their") make above-the-fold, top billing?

Because she made it that way.

Exploit and promote your assets, what your company does well, and make a name for yourself. And, well, Kim Kardashian exploits her "assets" to fame, money and most importantly, recognition.

She branded herself without having any recognizable or bankable skill. But, you have something worth shouting from the rooftops; you have your products to stand behind.

Look to your sales – which product is a consistent bestseller? Do you have a company blogger that hauls in the visits? Whatever it is, promote it to the nth degree. Hone in on your specialty – as Mrs. Humphries did, whatever it is – and share it.

Other Lessons Learned from the "Event of the Season"

  • Be a big tease. Give your customers/readers/followers just enough great information to make them beg you for more.
  • Use all of the marketing tools at your disposal. Never favor one marketing channel over another just because. Use social media, email, fax, SMS – whatever – equally and liberally. Launch a webinar through YouTube. Start a product launch countdown on Twitter. More eyeballs on you, the bigger the star you'll become.
  • Be consistent. In the celebrity universe, if you're out of people's heads just for a second, they'll think you've died, gone to rehab or are fighting extradition in Belgium. Stay at the forefront. Keep your website fresh, regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and consistently send out your marketing ploys.

Above all, have fun with it and don't take yourself too seriously. That's scary.

And you probably thought no good could come of this wedding? You and your online marketing strategy can thank us by taking these tips and using them to generate new leads and convert more sales.

(Note: During the course of researching this article, the writer delightfully discovered that the groom, Kris Humphries, is a fellow Hopkins High School Royal.)

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