Option to Add and Delete a "From" Address

Option to Add and Delete a "From" Address

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The SimplyCast team wants to create the best user experience possible for our customers and that means adding simple functions to help manage your account. Once we launch Version 5.0 of SimplyCast's email marketing solution on August 10th, you will be able to add and delete a "From" address from within your account. Now, if you need to change the address that your emails are being sent from, you can quickly add it to your account and delete the one you do not use anymore. It may seem like a small addition but anything that helps keep a tidy account is great in our books.

As excitement builds towards next week's launch, we want to share with you a 10% discount for signing up today. Go to the SimplyCast website and use coupon code LAUNCH4 at the point of purchase.

Make sure to check in tomorrow and over the weekend as we share with you the remaining features we are adding to Version 5.0.

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