Out With the Old, in With the New Email Blasting Software

Out With the Old, in With the New Email Blasting Software

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Out With the Old and in With the New: Email Blasting Software

Email blasting software has been around for a number of years and its clearly not something that plans on going away any time soon – especially with the rise in uses cases brought on by the new age of online e-commerce businesses.

Over the years, as these customer use cases have changed, people are now using email marketing in ways some would never have imagined; and as this happened it became clear to email marketing service providers that clients wanted more out of their email marketing tools than many email blasting software companies were able to provide at the time.

Enter SimplyCast

This is where SimplyCast stepped in. We have spent many years crafting, designing, and constantly adapting to the ever changing needs and wants of the modern age email marketer. SimplyCast has not only created one of the most sophisticated email marketing solutions on the market, but we also provide this solution at one of the lowest costs in the market.

No Code/Low Code Solution

A lot of the initial email blasting software available on the market in the early days required its user to have heavy coding knowledge in order to use its features effectively, and this pushed away a lot of people from reaping the many benefits of email blasting software. Users shouldn’t have to be versed in how to write code in order to create and design their email marketing campaigns.

This is why, when creating our own email blasting software, we wanted to make sure that everyone could use our platform without requiring any kind of specialized training or knowledge by making sure that it was a no-code/low-code email marketing experience for each user.

With the help of our easy-to-use and intuitive email marketing solution, our many clients across the world are now able to scale their businesses in order to stay competitive with all their email marketing endeavors.

Adapting to Mobile

As time has gone by, there have been a lot of changes to the way we look at email marketing, nobody would could even imagine 30 years ago that email would go mobile, and recent studies show that almost 85% of users use smartphones to access their emails. That number has been on the rise ever since.

This increase in smartphone usage is why the mobile user experience of an email marketing campaign has become a growing concern for email marketers around the world.

SimplyCast recognizes this need and ensures that users of its email software users can be confident that their campaigns are able to be displayed on all mobile devices with the help of its sophisticated email design tool.

Keeping up With the Times

The use cases and applications of email blasting software are ever changing but rest assured that SimplyCast will always be prepared to deal with all your email automation needs.

If you have any questions about SimplyCast’s email marketing solution? Well, head on over to the SimplyCast FAQ page, or check out this blog, and you will be sure to find the answers you’re looking for!

Interested in email marketing with SimplyCast? Click the button below to request a demo of the email marketing solution and a member of our SimplyCast team will be more than happy to help you!

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