Part 1: How to Set Goals for Your Next Online Survey

Part 1: How to Set Goals for Your Next Online Survey

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Setting goals for your online surveys will not only direct the type of survey you're creating but also drive the analysis of the data collected. Within each type of survey – customer satisfaction, event exit and market research – there are some key subcategories. These subcategories are the goals or, really, the point of the survey.

Essentially, a goal is nothing more than achieving expectations based on performance. In most marketing strategies, there's a goal already set (say, increased sales based on a promotion). Though the data collected after the allotted period (the length of the promotion) paints a picture of the success of the strategy, it isn't the entire picture.

Online surveys are a great way to realize if the initial strategy was successful or not.

Customer Satisfaction Survey GoalsCustomer Service

Let's say your customer service team is up for a joint performance review. You've heard that, really, your team is doing generally well and there have been only a handful of registered complaints from customers.

By setting a goal of getting a true read of your customer service team on your next survey, you get the full picture of how successful they actually are. Remember that internal reviews only go so far.

With a goal of truly understanding how well your customer service team is doing, you're going to gain a wealth of information.

Product Satisfaction

You've just launched a brand, spankin' new product, and so far, sales have been steady, but nothing really to write home about.

By reaching out to those customers that have purchased your latest product, you'll understand what motivated them to buy in the first place, and what their initial reactions are.

Sales only tell just part of the story.

Promotional Campaign Success

Whether your recent promotional campaign is a success is usually reflected in the numbers. What your sales don't show is whether your customers are only cashing in on your deal because it was too good to pass up or whether they're going to be repeat customers.

If a promotion is too good to be true, sales are through the roof and your customers are signaling that they're never coming back unless you have a similar deal, then you have to ask: was it worth it?

Company Image

Strangely enough, positive company images' equals customer loyalty. Gauging how your customers perceive you is imperative and drives overall success. If your company has a negative image with the public, then logically, the next step is that your sales are going to slowly drop off.

Consumers feel strongly towards their beloved products, and usually dismiss others in favor of their top choice, regardless of price. With the recent advertising campaign around mayonnaise, Miracle Whip is putting this notion to the test. The company is stating that either you'll love it or hate it, or those that love it, really love it.

Understanding how your customers feel about your brand is key. From your online survey, you'll learn the veracity of your customers' loyalty.

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