Part 3: The Real Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving – Twitter

Part 3: The Real Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving – Twitter

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Reason Customers are Leaving Part 3

When it comes to the world of social media, customers are most likely to lose interest in your business for very similar reasons.

Stale content, irrelevant postings or information that is seen as a little heavy in favor of promotion can all turn someone off. You need to understand that social media is an entirely different beast when compared to conventional marketing strategies. One thing that remains the same however is how eerily similar customer complaints are.

As the final post in our three part series, we're going to be looking at the top complaints from your customers on Twitter.

Just like your email blasts and Facebook, Twitter is a brilliant platform to connect your company to new and exciting customers.

Complaint: Stale Tweets!

The beauty of Twitter is that it instantly connects you to your followers.

The Fix #1: Analyze which type of Tweets are ReTweeted and commented on. Do your followers seem to like Tweets about product launches or industry news?

The Fix #2: Tweet about a variety of topics. Include links to industry articles and relevant blogs. Keep in mind that anything promotional is always the last topic to Tweet about. Find a topic balance that works for you and your followers.

The Fix #3: ReTweet! Follow industry leaders and organizations, and ReTweet information that your followers may find interesting.

The Fix #4: Write Tweets that are shorter than the 140-character limit. This makes it easier for your followers to ReTweet.

The Fix #5: Write in captivating and engaging language that quickly and efficiently conveys your message.

Complaint: Too Many Tweets!

Much like complaints with too many posts on Facebook, Twitter falls into this trap. Simply, too many Tweets are irritating. With fewer Tweets, your information is more valuable, and your message cuts through the noise.

The Fix #1: A great and widely available tool is an autoresponder. This helps you regulate content, topic variety, and frequency.

The Fix #2: Timing is everything! A best practice for Twitter marketing is to post Tweets during business hours.

The Fix #3: To garner more interest and excitement with your followers, Tweet special promotions on a specific day of the week, say, Friday. Your followers will appreciate the sweet deal and look for it every week.

Complaint: Tweets Are Too Promotional

The problem with social media is that some companies see it is an inexpensive alternative to conventional marketing strategies.

Yes, it's free. Yes, it's global. Yes, it's a great place to grow your business. But one of the real reasons customers are unfollowing you on Twitter is the fact you over-promote your company, products, and services.

The Fix #1: As mentioned above, vary topics when possible. However, do include products and services sparingly in your daily Tweets. Also, try to post links to product reviews and customer testimonials.

The Bottom Line

Between email marketing, Facebook, and Twitter, the real reasons why your customers are abandoning you are universal. The fixes listed above are equally applicable across the board.

Listen to what your customers are saying and what they're doing. If something isn't right, fixing it not only strengthens your business but keeps your customers happy.

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