SimplyCast Q&A – Email Status Code Definitions

SimplyCast Q&A – Email Status Code Definitions

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At SimplyCast, we provide our customers with one of the best support teams in the industry. Whether it be by phone, email or live chat, our goal is to make sure you get the support you need however you choose to ask for it. Today I want to lend a helping hand and feature some of the great information that our team is passing on to you.

Question What do the Status Codes in my Mailing List(s) mean?

Answer Messages that are sent through the SimplyCast system can be flagged for a number of reasons. These flagged addresses are present in your mailing list, but are not sent when you mail your campaign.

Here is a list of the Status Codes and their meanings:

DEL - Record has been deleted from your mailing list. Records that are confirmed to have a bad address through SMTP list validation are also flagged with a DEL status code.

HB - Hard Bounce: Message could not be delivered to the recipient because it is a bad address. Note: Soft Bounces are not flagged (such as Out of Office Auto-Replies, etc.)

N - The email address is normal and is allowed to be sent.

UN - Unknown Address. Email addresses that contain certain domains such as and (for example) cannot be verified through SMTP list validation and are marked with this status code. Unknown addresses are allowed to be sent out.US - User has unsubscribed from your mailing list.

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