Remove the SimplyCast Logo from your Campaigns

Remove the SimplyCast Logo from your Campaigns

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Remember when you were a teenager and you got a ride to school with mom or dad? The service was amazing but you wanted your friends to think you got there on your own accord. Well, one of the features that come with the new Version 5.0 of SimplyCast's email marketing service is an option to remove the SimplyCast logo from the bottom of your mailing. Basically, think of us as the one driving your emails to where they need to go without issue, while your customers assume you did it all on your own. Now, if you do like having our snazzy little logo on the bottom of your emails, that is totally fine as well. Keep in mind there will be an extra fee to remove the logo.

Once August 10th arrives, this and many more features will be ready to use as Version 5.0 goes live to the world.

Join SimplyCast's email marketing service now before the lines start forming. Use coupon code LAUNCH8 to get a 5% discount right away. Go to the SimplyCast website and enter the code at the point of purchase.

Still many more features to come as well as other launch news as the big day grows near. Subscribe to the blog's feed so you don't miss a single bit of news.

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