Similarities Between College Football and Email Marketing

Similarities Between College Football and Email Marketing

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With a new season of College Football ready to kick off this weekend, many of you will put aside work to watch your favorite school go to battle. But that does not mean you have to stop thinking about the email marketing campaign you will be creating on Monday. Even watching a game of football can help point out some of the finer points of email marketing.

Here are a few similarities between college football and email marketing.

  • While email marketers may not do a touchdown dance when getting a high return on a campaign, they do take satisfaction in seeing great results for something that was designed and implemented. There is nothing better than devising a big play and seeing it work out to the fullest. Just like with a football team, the end goal should be to score big on every possession or campaign.
  • If you follow football, you know that players are placed strategically on the field and each one understands his role to the team. In email marketing, it is also important to understand the role of your players or in this case, your customers. You need to understand who your list members are and what they are interested in. The more information you find out from your members on the list, the better you will be able to target your emails. Just imagine if you put a rookie quarterback in the game and he had no idea who is intended receivers were.
  • Teams have to play by the rules and in football, the laws of CAN-SPAM play the part of the referee. Football has first downs, holding penalties, pass interference, time clocks and many other rules that have to be followed. Email marketing also has rules that must be followed or a flag will be thrown on the field. You need to have an opt-out option made available, a physical postal address listed and an accurate identification of the sender, otherwise you are not playing by the rules. Teams that don't play by the rules often can't overcome the penalties and end up losing the game.
  • Protect yourself from big hits to stay in the game. A wide receiver would never go up against a linebacker without pads or a helmet. But that is what an email marketer is essentially doing when they hit the send button without testing and reading over every aspect of an email campaign. Before you expose your work to thousands of people, protect yourself by proofing and testing your creation.
  • Every football team has a play book to track what works and what does not. Email marketers have a play book of their own, which are the reports that are gathered on each campaign that goes out. A coach spends a majority of his time coming up with the plays that will eventually lead to greater success. Think of yourself as a coach when you review the stats from your next campaign. Analyze the performance, note the items that worked well, and revise the items that did not perform well. Continually changing the email and building on the strengths will lead to victory for you and the customer.

Now that we have outlined a few similarities between college football and email marketing, let the SimplyCast team help you grow your business and continue your quest for an email National Championship (if there were such a thing).

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