SimplyCast Blog: Music Promotion Tools That Independent Artists Will Love

Music Promotion Tools That Independent Artists Will Love

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Music Promotion Tools

Are you overwhelmed by the task of trying to promote your independent music? If you're just starting out, building a presence and making connections with fans is essential. Trying to promote your music, organize events and reach out to fans often takes up the majority of your time. What time is left for your music? Stop wasting time and streamline the promotion process by combining all your music promotion tools in one, using an all-in-one marketing automation solution.

Automating parts of your independent music marketing process does not take away the need for a personal touch. When it comes to reaching out to promoters, sponsors, music journalists and independent bloggers, a handwritten and personally delivered message or actual phone call always stands out. Marketing automation doesn't replace you as the best source of promotion for your music. It simply makes the promotion process much more efficient by putting all your go-to music promotion tools together so you can focus on your music.

Social Media Promotion is Important, but it's Not Enough

If you're only doing social media music promotion, you will not be able to spread your message wide enough or build strong connections. Social media is only one piece of the puzzle, but it is one of the most essential music promotion tools out there. Social media is one form of promotion that is easily automated. While it is not effective to use social media for contacting promoters and music influencers directly, social media is highly effective for building up a dedicated fan base.

With an automated independent music promotion solution, simply schedule a series of messages and they will post to your social media pages over time, according to your specifications. Post music videos to get your audience excited, sneak peeks of tracks that you haven't released yet, pictures of your fans, contests to win tickets to your next show and so on. Anything that gets your audience involved and makes them want to share your independent music content is great.

Provide Exclusive Messages to Your Fans

Provide a signup form on your music website and your social media pages that enables fans to subscribe to your music promotion messages. Make it worth their while to sign up! In addition to providing information about upcoming shows and release dates for your independent music, send out coupons and discounts on your music and tickets, exclusive contests and fan surveys.

Automate your weekly or monthly music promotion messages for maximum efficiency. If you're sending emails, use a pre-made template to make things simple. If you're sending text messages, all you have to do is enter 140 characters. You can even create a lot of messages in advance and schedule them to send each week or each month. Review your reports after each send to see how many fans opened and interacted with your promotional messages.

Try Automating Your Music Promotion Tools for Free

If you've never used an automated music promotion solution before, try it for free for 14 days. Sign up here. Automating your message sending, social media posting, and event planning saves you time and money while enabling you to focus on your music. Try it for no risk and see how much more efficient your promotion process will be. Check out a demo with our friendly team, who will answer any questions you have.

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