Simplify Union Events: Digital Event Management Solution

Simplify Union Events: Digital Event Management Solution

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Event Management Solution

Event planning is never easy, and what with the new requirements for vaccination verification and contact tracing now in effect it can be downright difficult.

Unions holding events for their members must now determine how to keep track of everyone who is attending – just one more thing to think about on top of organizing the event’s agenda, the speaker list, the catering, and the rest of a very long list of "to do" items. Collecting event registrations manually takes up so much time - time that would normally be devoted to any number of these other important tasks - and who wants to think of manually collecting every attendee’s information at the door on the day of the event?

The event management process for unions can be simplified with help from a digital event management solution, which can assist with registering attendees before the event and safely checking them into the event the day of.

A digital event management solution can greatly benefit unions by reducing the risk of errors in the event registration process, as well as ensuring that contact tracing can be performed efficiently after the event, if need be. The union event management system combines online forms with automated reminders, as well as an efficient check-in process to ensure that union events go off without a hitch!

There are four parts to an automated union event management solution.

1. Event Registration

To begin your union event management process, the first order of business is having a way for your attendees to register for the event. This involves setting up an online form that can be sent to your union members directly, as well as placed on a landing page, or shared on social media pages.

Whenever a union member submits the registration form to register for the event, their contact information is stored in a central contact database, where it can be used when sending the event reminder notifications. Union event planners simply need to make sure the registration form is accessible and that members know where to go to register.

2. Automated Reminders

Closer to the date of your union’s event, the digital event management solution will automatically send a reminder to registered attendees. The only thing unions need to do in order for this part of the process to work as intended is to create a reminder template when first setting up the event management solution.

Personalizing your automated reminder messages is also easy to do. Personalization can be built into your message templates using merge tags, placeholder text that will automatically pull the relevant information for each attendee when the reminders are sent. This is why it is a good idea to collect and store as much information on your union members in the event management system as possible.  

3. Document Confirmation

If your union event requires documentation to be submitted through the registration form in order to attend the event, such as proof of union membership or vaccination status, a task can be automatically created in the event management solution to alert the union, or event organizers, to follow up with the guests. This will inform them that they need to go into the system and confirm any submitted documentation or information prior to the union event.

4. Check-in Process

The last part of the digital union event management solution is making sure there is a way to safely check in attendees so that there is contact tracing data available in the event of a COVID-19 exposure. This can be easily done within the solution through the use of QR codes and attendees’ mobile phones.

When attendees arrive at your event, all they have to do is scan a QR code you have posted at the entrance to access a short online form that they will complete to confirm their check-in. Alternatively, event attendees can send an SMS message to a provided shortcode to check into the event. In both cases, attendees will receive a confirmation message they can show the event organizers before entering and the submitted information will be stored in the online database to help with contact tracing efforts.​

Looking for a digital union event management solution?

And that’s all there is to it! If your union is looking to digitize your event management process, SimplyCast has used its all-in-one engagement automation platform to build an all-in-one event management system using our form builder, contact management and automation tools, that can be used by any unions for any of their events. The safe and secure event management solution can be customized to meet the requirements of each union in order to provide the most seamless event registration and check-in process possible.

To see how you can use SimplyCast’s event management solution for your union, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our team!

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