SimplyCast Highlight: Sonar

SimplyCast Highlight: Sonar

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SimplyCast Highlight

Have you ever wondered who is visiting your site? Do you wish you could build a customer profile to better follow up on a lead? With Sonar from SimplyCast, you can answer both of these questions.

Sonar is an extremely versatile tool that works both on its own and in tandem with our other applications to deliver powerful insights that can assist you with lead tracking, website optimization, and data collection.

If you are starting a social media campaign and looking to track interest on your links, look no further. Sonar reports real-time information on the total hits your links are receiving and how many of them are unique. It can summarize your statistics into visual data, such as graphs that can filtered, to represent just how well your links are doing. Wondering which link is getting the most interest? Sonar creates a leaderboard to show you which targeted link is performing the best and garnering the most attention so you can see what stakeholders or potential clients you are attracting.

Go one step further and track anonymous visitors to your site via IP address to begin building personal profiles that report where they are going on your site. All of this data is collected before they even sign up for your service or provide their contact information so you are prepared for first contact with a personalized message when they do provide you with their contact information. These profiles are complemented with automatically recorded interactions that are tagged and scored to show which information a visitor finds most interesting, yielding powerful data that can be used strategically and in multiple ways.

Sonar is not just for tracking leads however – it can help you better optimize their website so that potential leads, clients and stakeholders can find the information they need. Through Sonar, you can record the total and unique hits your site is receiving so you know just how much traffic your website is attracting and  which pages and links are the most popular and effective. Magnify your results further by grouping your links to see how effective each channel is at obtaining interest and hits.

Imagine launching an email and social media (Facebook) campaign targeted at an industry of interest to generate leads by directing them to your website, and then filtering real-time data to measure effectiveness while you track email link clicks and page interactions. By grouping your links into categories such as ‘Emails' and ‘Facebook,' you can see which channel is receiving the most traction. Organizing the created links on your site in much the same way under service categories further reveals what particular product or service has the most clicks. Meanwhile, IP addresses you've chosen to track have profiles created and populated so you see where the industry's interests may lie for follow-up campaigns.

With Sonar, you don't just gather data – you gain the RIGHT data to strategically navigate your organization to success.

Looking to employ our services but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

This is just one of SimplyCast 360's many applications, with the full system allowing you craft and deliver your messages through e-mail, voice campaigns, surveys, and more. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of the platform and learn more about what the SimplyCast's Sonar app can do for you.

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