SimplyCast Q&A: Importing a List from a File

SimplyCast Q&A: Importing a List from a File

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Welcome to SimplyCast Q&A

When you sign up to use SimplyCast's email marketing software, you have access to a very dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team.

They work very hard to help you with any questions or issues regarding your email marketing campaigns. Every so often, the blogging team stops by customer support to say hi and to see how things are going. While sipping coffee and catching up on the daily news, we also pick their brain on a particular issue that customers are having trouble with.

This week a few of you have asked how to import mailing lists from a file?

To do this you will need to perform the following steps once you are logged into SimplyCast's email marketing software.

1. Go to the Contact Lists menu.

2. Click on the "Import new list from file" option.

3. Enter the List Name and choose the file format for your list.

4. Choose the File Type for your list. You can import lists in Microsoft Excel (.xls), Comma Separated Values (.csv) or Tab-Delimited Text (.txt) format.

5. Click on the Browse button to locate the list file on your computer.

6. Click on the upload button to upload your list.

Next, you will see the Match Fields page. Here, you must tell SimplyCast what the fields in your list represent. The fields in your list are listed on the left side, with dropdown boxes to the right of each field.

For example, in the field that contains your email addresses choose "Email" from the dropdown box to the right. For fields that you do not wish to import, leave the dropdown box set to "import".

The Email field is the only required field you must include. When you are finished making your selections, click on the "Import" button to complete the list upload process. The list will then be added to our list upload queue where it will be processed by the system. You will receive an email when the list upload process is complete.

Have a question for us? We encourage you to leave comments on this post or contact us here and we will add your question to the list. By providing these easy-to-understand solutions to common issues, we are not only doing our best to help our customers but we are also staying in the good books of our amazing CS team by lending a hand. Now that is teamwork!

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