The SimplyCast Story Part 3: Struggles of a Startup

The SimplyCast Story Part 3: Struggles of a Startup

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The SimplyCast Story

In the beginning, there were a lot of naysayers. A lot. Many people came to our team, telling us that we couldn't create a successful tech company and explaining why.

Many people believed the location was just wrong. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia you say?

"You simply can't build this type of a technology company in Nova Scotia."

"The skilled people you need for programming and maintaining technology like this just don't exist in Nova Scotia."

"There's not enough money around here... you will need millions!"

So how did we prove ourselves to these people and create the best customer flow communication platform available? We started small, with a shoestring budget.

SimplyCast has always been dedicated to keeping jobs in the community, so we knew we had to look locally to find the talent we needed to create powerful marketing software. In the beginning, we hired many students and new grads, and many employees who didn't have a lot of traditional work experience but who we believed had the potential to be great.

We had no idea, however, how efficiently and passionately they would work. Our team put in long hours and days to create easy to use marketing tools that customers would actually want to use. And, boy, did it pay off.

In less time than even the most optimistic supporters had predicted, we had our platform up and running. One of the strategies we employed as we grew: don't spend more than you bring in. SimplyCast wanted to grow carefully, and focus on quality.

Our dedicated team has proven that not only can you create and maintain sophisticated technology successfully in a small province like Nova Scotia, but that you can also do it with an unproven group of talented young employees.

Our company continues to grow and our team is always working hard to optimize our customer flow communication platform. Want to try out our tools for yourself? Sign up for a free SimplyCast account.

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