SMS Marketing Getting Upgrade as Part of Version 7.0

SMS Marketing Getting Upgrade as Part of Version 7.0


The SMS marketing app is going to look a little different in 2012. Yes, that's right, the entire SimplyCast application will be updated with a new look and new features as Version 7.0 is rolled out.

Launch date is January 27, 2012 and our team has been preparing for this for months. The beta testing is over, the bugs have been fixed and now it is just about finishing the little things before launch in five weeks.

Look at it from a SMS marketer's vantage point. The core functionality does not change much. You still upload a list, enter your content, schedule a time and send. There is not a whole lot to it for text message marketing (maybe that is why it is so popular).

But what will be new is how easy the layout is and how it will help everyone use the system.

Mobile marketing is on the rise and having this powerful tool side-by-side with so many other online marketing tools, it is all you need to launch a full fledged marketing attack from one account.

SMS marketing will help you quickly create a buzz for a new product launch, send timely alerts or giveaways and build a solid brand loyalty.

Sending only emails or only faxes is not enough as more and more people move 100% to their mobile device. Everyone opens a text message, while most email just piles up and never gets read.

Version 7.0 will make SMS marketing so easy and fast, you will be wondering to yourself why you did not start months ago.

Here are just a few of the features of SimplyCast's SMS marketing app.

  • Unlimited Number of Campaigns
  • Access to Set Expiry Date
  • Schedule or Send Immediately
  • Review Bounced Messages
  • Review Errors
  • Easy-to-Use Creation Wizard
  • No Software to Download or Install
  • Access to Manage Lists
  • Send Up to 140 Characters
  • Access to Group Campaigns
  • Competitively Priced
  • Capability to Schedule Campaigns
  • Customer Care is Available to Help
  • List Hosting
  • Individual Campaign Archiving

Sign up, try it out for free and see just how easy it is. Also, be on the look out for Version 7.0 on January 27th.

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